N A Under Desk Mini Bike for Legs and Arms Review

N A Under Desk Mini Bike for Legs & Arms

N A Under Desk Cycle Mini Exercise Bike

Black N A Under Desk Mini Bike is an imported, compact and portable pedal exerciser with the LCD display for a great cardiovascular workout on your arms and legs. It has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars by 2 users.

N A Under Desk Bike is made of iron, PP- polypropylene and ABS plastic and has a 4.5-pound steel flywheel. You can use it as an arm and leg exerciser while working or browsing the internet at home or in the office. The mini bike works very smoothly and quietly and will not disturb you when you’re watching videos, playing games, studying or working. It will help release tension in your body and improve the blood circulation.

There is a multi-functional smart LCD display panel that tells you the distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned, ODOmeter, count, total count and scan to move between these indicators automatically. You can swap between these different indicators by pressing the red button and you can also reset the data to zero. It is a compact and portable bike that is easy to relocate and store in a convenient corner, under your desk or wherever you see suitable.

The pedals with the adjustable foot straps have the textured anti-slip surfaces and molded finger grips to make you feel more comfortable and safe. It has the rubber feet underneath the rear and front stabilizers and will not damage your floors. You can use it for both your lower body- on the floor for leg workout or your arms- on the desk. The resistance is easily adjustable by rotating the tension knob for more or less challenge, depending on what you can handle.

N A Under Desk Cycle Mini Bike

The reinforced steel frame in this mini bike and the 4.5 pounds of solid flywheel make it quite firm and stable and sturdy and durable in the long run. Other benefits of this mini under desk bike is enhancing blood circulation, increasing metabolism, reducing fatigue, having a stronger body and feeling healthier overall- physically and mentally.

It is lightweight and compact- weighs 12.13 pounds and measures 16.54 x 16.14 x 12.20 inches.You can just burn calories and fat and lose weight while you’re working at your desk all day long. And this way you do not need to dedicate extra time for exercise. If you’ve had an injury or went through a surgery or if you’re a senior adult that would like to keep your body- arms and legs active this may work very well for you. It is not very expensive and would be a great option for those that are too busy with work to get to gym every day or exercise outdoors.

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