NEKL Foldable Wood Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

NEKL Foldable Wood Water Rowing Machine

NEKL Water Rowing Machine Rower

NEKL Water Rowing Machine is a modern, number one new release wood rower with water mechanism, an electric pump and LCD-backlit display for use in home gyms. It was first available on on November 25, 2021 and is ranked the 42nd best selling rowing machine on the website at the moment. Rowing exercise gets up to 85% of your muscles involved in a low impact workout that is less likely to damage your joints or knees. 

NEKL Water Rower measures 15 x 83 x 21 inches as assembled and 31 x 46 inches as folded. It has a conveniently foldable innovative design and you can fold it 180 degrees after you’re done with your workout and relocate it on its 5 transportation wheels smoothly and easily to any part of your house without scratching or damaging the floors. It takes up a small space when you fold it and is suitable for storing in different parts of your house.

This modern rowing machine can be used both as a cardiovascular and strength training equipment, letting you adjust the intensity or resistance easily. With a smooth and natural movement it helps you improve your flexibility and coordination. It comes with a 3D ergonomic and comfortable leather seat that is resistant to impact and damage. And you will not feel tired even if you sit on it for a while. The large foot plates have the adjustable straps and are good for use by people with different sized feet.

NEKL Water Rower has a professional ergonomic design of the anti-slip handle, pedals and seat to make you feel more comfortable during your session. It imitates outdoor rowing nicely with the relaxing sound of water and will feel like rowing in a river or lake. It has a very robust and durable construction, being made of good quality solid wood with a nice texture and has a classic design. It is resistant to wear and tear, can’t get damaged easily when under stress, and has the high mechanical strength. 

The large smart LCD-backlit display shows the distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, and number of strokes and you can keep track of your workout progress and achieve your goals faster. When you press the Reset button for two seconds, Time and Distance displays will be cleared.  The enclosed transparent polyethylene ester water tank offers quiet and smooth resistance with the two paddles on the water flywheel, like the paddles in water and you have a realistic rowing experience.

You can use it for calorie and fat burning cardio / aerobic training at low intensity or for strengthening and toning muscles by adjusting the resistance higher. Rowing exercise lets you burn more calories than other exercises as you can burn 600 calories per hour on average which is equal to rope skipping or jogging for 1.5 hours or playing badminton for two hours. The warranty offered on the NEKL Water Rower is 3 years and you get 24/7 friendly customer service that you can contact with any questions you may have. Please note that the rowing machine is shipped to your address on time, in two packages and without any missing parts.

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