Neptunegym Sit-up Bench, Multifunctional Supine Plank Board Review

Neptunegym Multifunctional Sit-up Bench

Neptunegym Sit Up Bench

Neptunegym Sit-up Bench is a robust, stable and durable semi-commercial fitness equipment – a supine board with the thickened alloy steel pipe with the reinforced joints, four adjustable gears and good quality materials used overall. You can feel safe on it when doing your abdominal- core workout at home, in the office or gyms.

Black Neptunegym Sit-Up Bench weighs 29 pounds and measures 54.3L x (18.5”- 24.4”)W x 40.16H inches and the total user weight capacity is 551 pounds. The longer and thicker backboard of this sit up bench makes it tougher and offers you plenty of space for your ab training. You can feel and stay comfortable throughout your daily session with the large foam rollers (120mm diameter thickened foot hook foams). The 2.4-inch thick pad will support your back nicely and feel comfortable. And your exercise experience and effect is enhanced.

It is a solid and durable sit up bench with an upgraded, safe and stable refined steel pipe with the 2.6mm inner wall thickness. It has a good quality, anti-slip PU wrapped reverse crunch handle for helping you train your entire core section and this great sit-up bench will be good enough for slimming the waist line or ab training. You can adjust this bench to 4 levels by pulling the knob outward according to your heightNeptunegym Bench Parts and have the optimal height for whatever you’re trying to train and with a more personalised training session. You can even adjust it to a regular flat bench by pulling the knob outward for other bench exercises- whatever you would do with weights on a flat bench.

This supine board by Neptunegym is a multifunctional and versatile fitness equipment that you may use for different purposes and the high quality materials used will keep the bench stable during your training session. And once you’re done you can relocate it easily to a suitable location on its rubber wheels underneath and by holding the handle. In the package you’ll find the sit up bench, assembly tools and an instruction manual. And you need to install this bench carefully, according to the instructions for ensuring its stability during your sessions. It comes with a warranty of two years and a 60-day exchange or return free of charge. The bench will get shipped from a warehouse in California via Fedex or UPS and you should be able to receive it within 5 business days. You can contact the customer service team with any questions or problems you may have.

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