NEWERA GYM 3-in-1 Magnetic Foldable Indoor Stationary Bike Review

NEWERA GYM 3-in-1 Magnetic Foldable Indoor Bike

NEWERA GYM 3-in-1 Indoor Cycling Bike

NEWERA GYM 3-in-1 Indoor Stationary Bike is a foldable cardio fitness equipment with the 10 levels of magnetic resistance for use in the comfort of your home or office by users at different ages and fitness levels. It will help your whole body get in shape.

The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 3 users at the time of this post release and it first became available at on June 25, 2021. Newera Gym 3-in-1 Bike comes with the backrest and arm resistance bands to help you work on your upper body at the same time. It has an alloy steel frame that can carry a total maximum user weight of 330 pounds, weighs 39 pounds and measures 29L x 10W x 43H inches.

The maximum adjustable height is 55 inches and the users between the heights of 4′ 10″ and 6′ 1″ can use it comfortably. You can use it in three different modes of recumbent, semi-recumbent and upright. This foldable home fitness bike helps with burning calories and fat and offers great physical therapy for men, women and seniors. Seniors and those with the joint or knee injury problems can use the bike in the recumbent bike for mounting and dismounting easily and for much less burden on the joints and body.

Newera Gym 3-in-1 Indoor Bike has a large and dense padded soft contoured seat that is 10.9 inches wide and 2.2 inches thick and that feels quite comfortable. The backrest is nicely padded with the foam and has the handles on the sides. Anti-slip pedals with the safety straps help keep your feet in place and pedal comfortably. It works smoothly and quietly with the magnetic resistance and belt drive. The resistance bands attached will help strengthen the triceps, biceps, shoulders and other upper body muscles when you’re riding this bike.

The integrated LCD-backlit display helps you track your workout data including the distance traveled, current speed, calories burned, time exercised and pulse rate via the sensors on the front handlebars. You’ll see accurate data in real time and keep on track to achieve your fitness goals. There is an iPad holder where you can put your mobile phone or tablet and use it for distraction and entertainment. With theNEWERA GYM 3-in-1 Indoor Bike multiple adjustable parts you can change it between recumbent, upright or semi-recumbent. You can burn calories and fat and keep your shape in the comfort of your home and without occupying much space.

There are 7 levels of height adjustment for use by different people of different sizes and heights. And you can easily customise your workout intensity with the 10 levels of adjustable resistance. The folded measurements are just 10W x 55H x 16.2L inches and you may move it easily on its built-in transportation wheels. You can put it away easily when you’re not using it and have some space in left in your living room. If the pedal is broken, you can get a replacement pedal from the seller. The warranty offered is one year by the manufacturer / seller and please contact them via your order page at

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