NexHT Fitness Indoor Spin Exercise Bike, 8910 Review

NexHT Fitness Indoor Spin Exercise Bike

NexHT Fitness Exercise Cycle Bike

NexHT 8910 is an indoor stationary spin exercise bike with a very modern design and a variety of user-friendly features like the pulse sensors connected to a smart LCD display and seat and handle adjustability. It is offered in four different color and style options of black 89101A, blue 89103A, white and black 89100A and 89104A models.

As a robust and durable fitness product with a solid steel frame and a heavy-duty crank, it has a maximum user weight capacity of 280 pounds. It is designed to help you whether you want to lose weight- calories and fat overall or strengthen and tone your lower body muscles and core. Or you may simply be wanting to warm up prior to your weight lifting session.

Other potential benefits include the increases metabolism and enhanced blood circulation, cellulite reduction and improved overall well-being. Belt drive mechanism, heavy-duty crank and a 24.3-pound flywheel that ensure quiet and smooth operation over long exercise sessions. It is a fairly heavy product being built with a heavy duty frame and decent components like durable solid plastic but you can move it easily on its transport wheels.

The shipping weight is 68.3 pounds and the product measurements are 41.3 x 19.7 x 46 inches. The LCD display panel indicated distance, speed, time, calories, total distance, heart rate, rpm, ODOmeter and Scan that lets you move between these indicators automatically one by one. You can easily adjust the seat for height and how close it is to the handlebars (up and down, forward and back) and the handle can be adjusted for height- up and down, also with a simple twist of a knob.

NexHT Fitness Indoor Bike

It is easy to put the pieces together in half an hour or so, will feel very safe and stable and is shipped with a year warranty and hundred percent guarantee if you run into any issues. Both the PU leather padded seat and handlebar seem to be comfortable with an ergonomic design overall of the bike.

You can adjust the resistance (level of challenge) through the tension knob in the middle and this includes a press-down brake system. We recommend that you start out slow at lower resistance levels then move up gradually and change the resistance throughout your session so as to burn fat and calories more efficiently.

In the box, you will find the NexHT Exercise Bike, LCD Display, plastic foot set with basket pedals, simple tools and instructions manual. If you think you may have any relevant health problems it is best that you seek health advice before starting the exercise sessions on this bike. Please check out the operations instructions if you’re new to such exercise so you can avoid any potential injuries or other problems. You may put your tablet, smartphone or media player in the middle just below the LCD display.

You can also adjust the tightness on your feet with the basket pedals, your feet will feel comfy and safe as there will be no slipping. Please try and use it as much as you can, preferably before or after work, to feel better overall and be more productive during the day and to release stress after work. *NexHT bikes are distributed by Inland Products Inc. that has been in business in California in a variety of fields including furniture, consumer electronics, office products and fitness equipment.

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