Nexttechnology Power Tower Heavy Duty Pull Up Dip Station Review

NextTechnology Power Tower Pull-Up Dip Station

Nexttechnology Power Tower Pull Up Dip Station

NextTechnology Power Tower is a heavy duty resistance training 4-station workout equipment that also works as a dip, vertical knee raise and multi-grip pull up station. It is offered in four different colors and designs: Black, black and red, grey and silver with black.

They all have the same price, except for the black and red, which is roughly thirty dollars more at the time of this review. The rating is 5 out of 5 stars by only 4 customers, being a fairly new product at They are all good for home gym or light commercial use with their strengthened heavy-duty steel frame with solid support that will hold you safely.

The power tower has an ergonomic design, larger and thicker backrest and forearm cushions. If you use it as a multi-grip pull-up station you can hold it with a side-to-side, narrow or wide grip to build stronger arms. You have foam grips on each one so you can do each exercise comfortably. You’ll be using only your own body weight while performing these exercises.

The vertical knee raise is good for working on your core section- abdominals and you can perform the exercise in a comfy way. It is very easy to use and feels stable with a total user weight capacity of 330 pounds. You can also do your chin ups, dips and a variety of chest, leg, arm- triceps and biceps, back and shoulder exercises. It is suitable for use by people of all ages- kids, adults and senior adults to keep fit and strengthen their muscles in the comfort of their homes.

Nexttechnology Power Tower Heavy Duty Pull Up Dip Station

NextTechnology Power Tower is good for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainers. It is easy on the eyes and lightweight with a weight of 55 pounds and measures 56.1H x 24.21W x 4.33D inches. The maximum height the tower will reach is 86.6 inches- the height is adjustable between 55.9 and 86.6 inches.

In the box you’ll get the power tower, instructions and user manual and tools/hardware you need. You will need to put it together yourself as it is not shipped assembled. You can move it easily within your houseboy two people holding it. It is a fairly stable product that you can use with a peace of mind but we don’t recommend swinging in an uncontrolled manner. For the lower price point it is a decent quality product with some user-friendly features. Customer reviews are also mostly positive and appears to be a great power tower overall.

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