Noon-Sunshine Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

Noon-Sunshine Elliptical Cross Trainer 

Noon-Sunshine Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine

Noon-Sunshine Elliptical Cross Trainer is a solid, durable, sleek and compact cardiovascular equipment, with a vertical space saving design for use in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you want to use it, except for the commercial gyms.

This elliptical cross trainer has a liquid crystal display panel with the standard workout stats to help you monitor your progress. At first glance at the machine in terms of design, functionality and premium look and feeling, the price tag seems quite reasonable, especially during the Covid-19 days, with low manufacturing and higher prices than normal.

An elliptical cross trainer such as this model allows you to work efficiently on your different muscles- lower and upper body and your core section. It has a comfortable seat that you can sit on or stand up to target slightly different muscles and have the flexibility with the workout variety. It is quite a sturdy and stable whole body aerobic exercise machine with a total user weight capacity of 350 pounds on its solid and durable steel frame.

With the floor stabilizers underneath it will stay steady and stable on different grounds. The onboard performance monitor with the backlit display has the indicators of calories burned, distance traveled, current speed, time exercised, rpm- rotations per minute, watts generated and the magnetic resistance level (1 to 8). It can help you lose weight by burning calories effectively by involving your whole body and increase your fitness level.

Noon-Sunshine Elliptical Cross Training

Your feet will feel comfortable and stable and safe on the anti-slip pedals even during your most demanding workouts. Noon-Sunshine Elliptical Cross Trainer offers a rather smooth workout with a 23-pound flywheel, belt drive and magnetic resistance. It is also a rather low-impact type of workout as compared to treadmills or other cardio fitness equipment. There will not be much burden on your joints, knees or ankles.

It is compact with a space saving design, weighs 88 pounds and measures 19.68 x 36.22 x 59.84 inches. This elliptical cross trainer would work well in small apartments, studios or rooms where space is limited. You can adjust the intensity up to 8 levels for a more challenging workout through the tension knob in the center. Noon-Sunshine Elliptical is a simple, budget-friendly cardiovascular or aerobic workout equipment that works well and does the job smoothly and quietly and without any burden on your joints or knees. We’re sure most low-cost buyers will be happy with this solid product as long as their expectations are not unrealistic.

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