NordicTrack 50 Lb iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells with Alexa & iFit Review

NordicTrack 50 Lb iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells

NordicTrack 50 Lb iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells

NordicTrack 50 Lb iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells (NTSAW23020) by iFIT Health & Fitness are sold as a pair and certified to work with Alexa. These two dumbbells can be adjusted between 5 and 50 pounds in 5lb. increments with the Alexa voice controls. The way it works it the motorized weight selector acts on the vocal prompts and allow the adjustment of weights hands-free. Or alternatively you can adjust the weights in 5lb. increments manually via the adjustment knob.

Please note that the tablet, device with Alexa or the stand are not included in the package and you need 2.4GHz WiFi connection for the Alexa voice control and iFit membership. The 30-day iFit membership that is valued at 39 dollars is included in the package. And you can watch the on-demand or live workouts on your tablet, TV or smartphone. This iFit membership will be renewed automatically unless you cancel it in advance. If you have a current iFit membership you’ll get credit on your account. But for Alexa voice control feature you do not a membership after being installed.

If you use the Alexa function, you just say something like “Alexa, set weight to 20 pounds” and the weights will be adjusted automatically. And you can download the iFit app on your smart device for streaming conditioning or resistance workouts by trainers to guide you through your session and get results faster. You’ll need to put in your credit or debit card details for activating the free iFit membership. These iSelect smart dumbbells appear to be decent high-tech substitutes for the regular dumbbells. The trainer-led workouts on iFit offer thousands of workouts whether you want to work out with these dumbbells, your own body weight or resistance bands.

There is a digital LED display- a weight readout that shows you your current weight selection. It has the anti-slip handles with the diamond knurling that offers a stronger grip and control during your workout session. Each of the sleek interlocking ergonomic square weight plates weigh 5 pounds and offer decent resistance. The square shape helps you avoid the unwanted rolling between sets. These iSelect adjustableNordicTrack 50 Lb iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells 5 - 50lb dumbbells actually replace 20 individual dumbbells for a wide range of weights. You can store these dumbbells in the custom-fitted storage tray that comes with a weight selection dial for adjusting it manually and an integrated tablet holder.

The Alexa functionality of auto weight selections needs electricity to operate, but you can also do it manually without electricity. The product is made in China and the package weighs 117.95 pounds and measures 22.25 x 19.75 x 18.75 inches. The stand base measures 18 x 18 inches and with the extension of the tablet holder it is 20 inches. If you don’t have the stand you can put the dumbbells on the floor or on a small solid table. January 10, 2022 is the date this set of adjustable dumbbells were first available and it is ranked the 68th best selling exercise and fitness dumbbell. They are offered with one year of warranty for parts and labor and you may contact the customer service team with any queries or problems you may have.

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