Ollieroo Multi-function Barbell Rack Dip Stand Squat Rack Review

Ollieroo Barbell Rack Dip Stand Squat Rack

Ollieroo Multi-function Barbell Rack Dip Stand Gym

This is a sturdy and multifunctional barbell rack by Ollieroo that can also be used as a dip stand and a squat rack. You can perform a variety of exercises on it as part of your resistance, muscle toning and cardiovascular training routines of your upper body, core section, and lower body. It can be easily adjusted for height and width so you can use it to work different parts of your body.

As a solid and robust stand with a steel frame, it can carry a maximum weight of 480 pounds. You can easily use it with a bench press as support for your heavy weights. The base has a uniquely innovative design with a range specified as 30.3 to 48 inches (width is adjustable) so you can use different size bars and the bracket range is between 40.6 and 64.2 inches. It has a modern and ergonomic design overall and looks great in black and red.

According to the product information on Amazon.com, it is shipped totally assembled but we don’t think that’s the case. Having said that it is pretty straight forward to put together and can be done very quickly in about fifteen minutes with the right tools, socket wrench, and wrench at the right sizes. Please note that the installation instructions are included in the package, as well as the nails, metal pieces and plastic trim but the tools for assembly are not.

Ollieroo Multi-function Barbell Rack Dip Stand Gym Squat Rack

Ollieroo Barbell Rack and Dip Stand weighs 45 pounds, measures 26.4L x 30.3-48W x 40.6-64.2H inches and with its upright design it will not take up much space. With a 480 lb. weight capacity it can be used by people at different fitness levels from beginner to advanced with the adjustable resistance levels. You can use the dip stand mainly for your triceps. And according to the manufacturer, there is a total of 14 exercises you can do, to work your triceps, biceps, calves, forearm, glutes, thighs, obliques, chest and more.

This is a very solid and sturdy product but is designed for home use, not for gyms/fitness centers and remember the 480 lb. total weight capacity. Please also note that the lower bracket for bench press is not adjustable but provides such a solid support for your weight bars. There will be no damage to your floors thanks to the wear, corrosion, and rust resistant and anti-slip rubber feet. This is a great product for the money: Sturdy, durable, non-slip, abrasion-resistant, adjustable, ergonomic, has a small footprint and is low cost.

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