OMA 1012EB Premium Folding Portable Treadmill Review

OMA 1012EB Premium Folding Portable Treadmill

OMA 1012EB Folding Treadmill

OMA 1012EB is a modern foldable treadmill with a premium look and feel, a space saving design, solid and durable construction with a 300lb. user weight capacity, extra long and large tread belt of 48 x 17.7 inches, a 2.25 horsepower high capacity quiet motor. You can walk, jog or run at the speeds of up to 8.7mph.

OMA 1012EB Treadmill has an extended belt fast control handlebar with the Speed + and – and heart rate sensors. And the speed can be adjusted in 0.1mph increments. There is a single 5-star rating for this October 12, 2021 release treadmill on the day of this product review. And it is currently the 30th best selling treadmill at There are three color options of black, dark black and matte black with the price differences that you can view on the website. It is a great quality fitness equipment for the price level.

OMA Foldable Treadmill weighs 91.5 pounds and measures 58.1 x 32.7 x 50 inches. It is shipped almost assembled and you can do the rest very easily as you just unfold it and put some screws on. You can fold it up easily and relocate it on its transport wheels. It has the two rubber feet underneath and it will stand stable when you put it vertically against a wall and there won’t be any slipping. And there is a U-shaped foam on the treadmill between the wall and the treadmill for no damage to the wall.

It would be ideal for use in small spaces and great for walking, jogging and running on its large and long tread belt with multiple layers to prevent any burden on your joints, ankles, lower back and hips. This 8-layer anti-slip and shock absorbing belt is made of elastic cushions and track padding. Both the tall and heavy runners will make comfortable strides. And the total user weight capacity is 300 pounds on its heavy duty commercial quality unique frame. With this robust and durable commercial level steel used on the OMA treadmills the safety is ensured and the operating life is extended.

OMA 1012EB Folding Premium Treadmill LCD Dsiplay

You can do both your daily walking and long distance runnings comfortably thanks to its good quality, powerful motor that has passed many tests for the noise level. And you will not be disturbing others in your flat or neighbors or yourself if listening to music or watching videos. It comes with an iPad holder where you can put your smartphone or tablet for entertainment during your workout session. With the distraction of music or videos you can walk or jog longer. It is obviously not very safe to watch content during fast running.

The multifunctional LED-backlit touch display shows the usual workout indicators of time exercised, calories burned, distance traveled and current speed. There are 36 preset programs on the smart multifunctional control panel for your different needs. These preset programs come with the 3 countdown modes and can be easily adjusted for your different workout needs. You have the quick adjustment buttons on the handlebars that let you start or stop or increase or decrease the speed between 0 and 14kph (8.7mph) without needing to stop your jogging or running. You can also monitor your heart rate with the pulse sensors on these handles and get an accurate reading on the screen to stay in your target heart rate zone. Please note that there is no incline function on this treadmill and you may want to check out other models by OMA if you prefer to have the incline.

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