OneV FT Magnetic Levitation Folding Treadmill with Bluetooth Review

OneV FT Magnetic Levitation Folding Treadmill  

OneV FT Magnetic Levitation Treadmill

OneV FT Magnetic Levitation Treadmill is a folding jogging and running cardio fitness equipment with a powerful 3HP brushless motor, magnetic shock absorption, fixed 8% slope, heart rate monitor and Bluetooth speaker. It has a robust and durable stainless steel frame and overall construction and is designed for use at home or in the office, rather than at the commercial gyms.

No assembly is required for this modern treadmill and you just open the box, tighten the knob and plug it into a power outlet and use it. The whole circuit is completely connected prior to getting out of the factory. It is compact in size and also easily foldable with a soft drop system and includes the transportation wheels to let you store it anywhere effortlessly and without problems. You can put it in a convenient corner, in a closet or wherever you want as you rotate the storage button.

Modern magnetic levitation technology is used on this treadmill to help protect your knee and ankle joints as well as your lower back, spine and hips. The potential damage will be avoided by up to 50%. There is a 30mm thick elastic cushioning on the treadmill board that is strong, tensile and anti-static and your feet and legs will feel soft when you’re jogging or running. It is magnetically recoiled to decrease the potential fatigue and prevent damage on your knee joints. With the double link shock absorption on this treadmill you will only feel very light vibrations even at the maximum speed.

OneV FT  Treadmill works very smoothly and quietly thanks to the very dense sound-proof enclosure with the 16 magnetic poles all around it to get rid of the friction between the fuselage and the runway. The stainless steel frame and the stable structure of this treadmill offers a load bearing capacity of 330 pounds. The LED-backlit monitor has the 12 preset programs and shows you the workout stats like the distance traveled, current speed, time exercised, calories burned, and pulse rate and lets you keep track of your jogging or running data and slope in real time. You just press the Power button and hook up to Bluetooth via your smartphone and listen to your favorite songs. With the SPAXapp you may control the treadmill.

OneV FT Magnetic Levitation Treadmill LCD Display

You can walk, jog or run at the speeds that you can adjust up to 9mph (14kph) thanks to its powerful 3HP motor (110-240V, 50/60Hz). It offers a great stable and solid platform for users at different ages and fitness levels. Quality is not sacrificed on this treadmill for the compact size and foldable, portable design and it stays as effective and challenging as a large gym grade treadmill. There is a magnetic safety lock or the emergency stop device that lets you stop safely at any time. The sound quality through the integrated speakers is at an acceptable level for a treadmill.

OneV FT Treadmill weighs 132 pounds and measures 48.4 x 55 x 29 inches and 55 x 59 inches as folded. People of different sizes can jog or run on its large tread belt that measures 50 x 17 inches. It is nice to have a large smart display and different exercise modes, a powerful motor, smooth and quiet operation and a conveniently foldable design. This treadmill is easy to maintain and lubricate with the semi-automatic lubrication system- you need a silicone lubricant. It has an attractive price tag and seems to be a decent choice as compared to the other treadmill models on the market. It is rated an average of 5 out of 5 stars by 2 customers at the time of this post release as a hot new release (January 15, 2021) product. It comes with a year of warranty that covers free replacement of the accessories and a friendly customer support.

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