Onnit Primal Bell Kettlebells Review

Onnit Primal Bell Kettlebells 

Onnit Primal Bell Kettlebell

The Onnit Primal Bell is a fairly new release kettlebell that is one of the best selling models on Amazon.com. It is a popular product by customers that scores 5/5 stars out of 29 customer ratings and reviews at the moment. The smallest model weighs 18 pounds and measures 11 x 8 x 8 inches. Then you have the 27, 36, 40, 54, 72 and 90 lb. kettlebells with different price tags which you may see on Amazon.com.

Onnit is a very well known brand for kettlebells preferred by some of the best athletes for their training. You can work on different parts of your body- upper, lower and core section by doing different kettlebell lifts at different angles. These include the swings, snatches, cleans, squats, deadlifts, side planks, wood chops, leg raises, renegade rows and more. It gives you better control and improved grip strength with a very balanced build and the larger handles. The iron used on these kettlebells is chip resistant and very good quality.

Please note that you will get a single one shipped for each one of your order, not a pair. The shipping costs within the US are included in the prices you see on Amazon.com, which explains why it may be a bit higher than normal. The design is pretty cool and looks great with matte black finish and details- the pissed off gorilla (72lbs), orangutan (54lbs), Bigfoot (90lbs), howler (18lbs) and chimp (36lbs) faces with eyes, nose, and mouth and teeth look quite realistic. It feels quite smooth overall but is not slippery at all and offers pretty strong grip.

Onnit Primal Bell Kettlebell 5 sizes 90lb

There are a variety of kettlebell exercise videos and photos on Youtube and other sites. Or you may want to purchase the laminated Kettlebell Workout Exercise Poster that you’ll be offered on the Amazon product page. The heavier kettlebells have the larger and thicker handles and two large or small hands can fit in. But the smaller versions can have two small hands or one large handle. You can put them on a shelf, on your desk or hang them on a gym rack.

So these are not low-cost kettlebells but are certainly worth it, as they will last longer without any chips or scratches, are well balanced, fun to use and very functional. Onni Primal Bell is something you can use in your daily workout routines. You will find plenty of useful information on the Onnit website where you can find a great range of products in different wellness categories- Supplements, Foods, Fitness, Apparel, Personal Care and more. They are shipped very quickly via Amazon.com and you are guaranteed a very decent customer support. Prices vary between around 60 to 275 dollars depending on the weight you choose.

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