OrangeA Thigh Glider Leg Exerciser Machine Review

OrangeA Thigh Glider Machine

OrangeA Thigh Glider Leg Machine

OrangeA Thigh Glider Machine is a compact leg exerciser with a modern and innovative foldable design and a solid, high-quality stainless steel construction. It offers a low-impact type of workout and will use your outer buttocks, abdominal muscles, leg muscles, and inner thighs to lift your body weight.

You will be working on those hard to reach muscles of your legs- the inner thighs, and no other machine compares to a thigh glider in that sense. And you will really feel it working in just a few minutes- your legs and especially your thighs will feel sore. It is very different to walking or running on a treadmill or cycling.

OrangeA Thigh Glider is not a heavy product (shipping weight of 16.5 pounds) and with a convenient foldable design (23.6 x 17 x 11 inches as folded) you can easily move it around and store under your bed or in your closet. You will have easy access to it all day long without needing a heavy or expensive equipment to get the same results. It includes a handle bar that is adjustable for height between 25 and 39 inches. Maximum user weight it can carry is 242.5 pounds or 110kg, so it covers a great percentage of adults.

OrangeA Thigh Glider Machine

The pedals that use the leg master method and the handle bars both feel solid and comfy and will help with a fun workout. It is not just for combatting your inner thighs either. Because it will be working your hips, buttocks, and abdominals as well as increasing your heart rate and metabolism, and helping your burn calories and fat. And this indirectly means you will be in better shape overall, with an improved posture.

It appears to be a very convenient solution for those that want tighter and slimmer thighs and do not have the time or energy to get to the gym after work or with their busy schedules. To start using it, wear comfortable shoes and you just need to place your shins on each pedal and move one or both legs sideways quickly and return to the starting position, and repeat the exercise as much and as long as you can handle.

You will be strengthening and toning your thighs but also the leg muscles, hips, and abdominals as you squeeze your outer and inner thighs. It offers quite a low impact resistance workout, is easy on the hands, knees, and joints, so people with bone or joint conditions can use it and it will bring them some health benefits. There is not a risk of injury of joints or muscle tearing and is not as painful as jogging or running. It is primarily for the ladies but anyone can use it- male or female and at any age. It is a lower cost product that seems to offer tremendous value.

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