Ouyu 4-Level Adjustable Power Tower, Dip Stand Pull Up Bar Station Review

Ouyu 4-Level Adjustable Power Tower, Dip Stand & Pull Up Bar Station

Ouyu 4 Level Adjustable Power Tower

2021 model Ouyu 4 Level Adjustable Power Tower is a solid and durable fitness workout equipment, a dip stand and a pull up bar station for resistance training exercises in the comfort of your home gym. The date it was first available at Amazon.com is July 2, 2021 and is ranked the 32nd best selling strength training dip stand.

This is the 2021 version power tower pull up station with a robust, durable and safe construction, a heavy duty steel frame with the industrial level welding process. With its solid base design it doesn’t wobble when you’re doing your exercises. The integrated welding will help you prevent the deforming or disengaging. And you will be fine as long as you do not exceed the total recommended user weight capacity of 380 pounds.

With the 4 adjustable height levels it is suitable for use by people at different heights, between 4′ 6″ and 6′ 6″. You can adjust the height by just pulling up the auto lock and slide the unit to the height you want. It can be set up in the home gym area, living room, basement or garage. The bi-directional pull-up bar is flexible and you can set it up two ways and it supports workouts by two people at the same time. You can do your pull-ups, push-ups, knee raises, tricep dips and more to strengthen and tone your shoulders, chest, back, thighs and core section.

Ouyu 4 Level Adjustable Power Tower Home GymThe patterned dip arm handles are good quality and anti-slip and offer decent grips. And the elbow pads are comfortable and breathable with the very dense foam padding with the PU leather and offer good support. Your hand will not be likely to slip thanks to the anti-skid grips and you can change your postures comfortable. It has a heavy duty structure with the industrial grade welding.

Ouyu Power Tower has a solid curved base design, reinforced structure with steel pipes and anti-skid end caps. The difference between the armrests is 23.6 inches. There will not be any shaking or wobbling during your workouts as long as you do not exceed the weight limit. The assembly is easy enough and two people should be able to put the pieces together within half an hour or so. You’ll get clear and easy to read instructions and tools included in the package. Customer service is available through your Amazon order page for any of your inquiries. The warranty offered is 3 years for the pads and 15 years for the frame.

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