Ouyu Foldable Portable Air Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor Review

Ouyu Foldable Portable Air Rowing Machine

Ouyu Air Rowing Machine Rower

Ouyu Air Rower is a foldable and portable cardio fitness equipment with air resistance, 2-drive belt system an LCD-backlit display and 264 pounds of user weight capacity for use at home or in the office by men and women at different fitness levels and ages, but not in the commercial gym settings.

Ouyu Air Rowing Machine weighs 58.5 pounds and measures 71.3L x 20.1W x 14.2H inches as assembled with a maximum inseam of 41.3 inches. It has a reliable, robust and durable construction with an alloy steel frame and a triangular structure for a maximum user weight of 300 pounds and a user height of 6’4”.  This rowing machine is easy to fold up and move as it comes with the transportation wheels and you can store it in an upright position in a convenient spot and save space in your house. The folded measurements are 42.5L x 20.1W x 54.7H inches.

The resistance on this air rowing machine is pure air resistance and the level of resistance will depend on how hard you pull the handle. And if you compare it with a standard magnetic rower, an air resistance unit starts at a level of 6 / 8 resistance levels. It can help you burn calories and fat, improve your cardiovascular health, build, strengthen and tone muscles, increase endurance and stamina. It has a large and comfortable, high profile seat that is sturdy, stable and durable for a workout routine. You can mount and dismount the seat on this rower without needing to bend or strain your back.

Ouyu Air Rowing Machine

It comes with the two adjustable anti-slip foot pads with the nylon straps and you can adjust it to the size of your feet. This rower has a built-in LCD display and lets you monitor your workout progress by showing you the distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, count and total count. There is also an iPad holder where you can put your tablet or phone and watch training videos or movies and be able to work out longer.

It offers a total body workout that involved the major muscles including the chest, arms- triceps and biceps, upper back, core section- abdominals and obliques and leg muscles. It has a full exposure design fan with the strong breeze coming in an out. The large seat is nicely padded and has a PU leather cover and you can have a comfortable workout. With a low impact workout there will not be any burden on your joints, knees, ankles, hips, back  and is good for your lungs or heart. It first became available on December 14, 2021 and is currently listed in the top 100 best selling rowing machines. 

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