Personal Power Plate Vibrating Platform, 71-PT1-3200 Review

Personal Power Plate Vibrating Platform, 71-PT1-3200

Personal Power Plate 71-PT1-3200

Personal Power Plate 71-PT1-3200 is a top of the range vibration platform as an alternative exercise equipment for a total body workout and an effective massage with as little effort and time as possible.

The Power Plate is designed for enhancing your stability, balance and core strength.It will increase your heart rate and metabolism to help your burn calories and fat and lose weight in a shorter period of time. It will help keep your overall health at whatever age you may be.

As a sturdy and solid high-end fitness product, it has a maximum weight limit of 264 pounds. You can choose to stop your workout at 30 to 60 seconds by pressing a button and choose from low or high vibrations. This power plate offers quicker prep and enhanced performance, along with way more efficient recovery, by activating your body’s natural reflex responses to vibrations, using the Acceleration Training principles.

Black Personal Power Plate 71-PT1-3200 weighs just over 40 pounds and measures 27.5 x 18.7 x 6.2 inches. It is easy to store because of its low profile design. On the smart LCD display panel, you will find the Start/Stop, Repeat, 30 sec / 60 sec and Low/High buttons. You can download the free YourTrainer app on your Android or iOS device and make use of the customized personal training as well as great video tutorials that are free of charge.

Personal Power Plate 71-PT1-3200 Vibration Platform

In the box, you will get the Personal Power Plate, a soft cloth travel case, a remote control, two static straps and the Quick Start Manual. It will help enhance the blood circulation in your body, increase metabolism, improve the activation of muscles, boost endurance, flexibility, and balance and enhance your natural reflexes, reduce cellulite and alleviate pain.

With the vibrations in multiple directions- side-to-side, forwards and backward, up and down, you will be able to achieve the best results possible. You can pretty much do any of your simple or complex floor exercises on the vibration plate and these movements will be enhanced greatly. So you are promised to get results with just the quarter of hour sessions, three times each week.

It comes with the High-fidelity harmonic vibration system- PrecisionWave Technology for the best results possible. The vibrations move 35 times per second so your muscles are engaged in the best- controlled and safe way possible. If you choose to stop at 30 or 60 seconds, you can simply restart it by using the small remote. It generates contractions in your muscles between 25 to 50 times each second, transmitting energy waves all over your body.

Personal Power Plate has the 100-240V universal voltage for use anywhere in the world with 50 to 60 Hertz frequency, 90 watts of power and the power cord is included in the box. It is certified by a variety of global and national institutions that check the conformity of products or samples to a variety of standards for security and quality and has the CE, IC ID, TELERF, PSE, UL, FCC ID certifications. Power Plate has been known for their larger whole body vibration platforms for home and commercial settings. And this is their new portable and compact entry into the market, specifically for home use.

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