PIN JIAN 3-in-1 Adjustable 44lb. & 66lb. Weight Dumbbells Barbell Set Review

PIN JIAN 3-in-1 Adjustable 44lb. & 66lb. Weight Dumbbells Barbell Set

PIN JIAN Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Barbell

PIN JIAN 3-in-1 Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Barbell Set is offered as two versions of 44 pounds and 66 pounds of total weight. This hot new release dumbbells barbell set first became available at on February 25, 2021. The average customer rating is currently an impressive 5 out of 5 stars by 10 users.

The price difference between the 44lb. and 66lb. versions is only 28 dollars at the moment. So you may want to pick the one that would be good for your needs. The 66lb one has the weight plates of 4 x 5.5lb, 4 x 4.4lb., 4 x 3.3lb and 4 x 2.75lb as well as a 23.6-inch curl Olympic rod, a 15.75″ connecting rod, two dumbbell bars, 8 nuts and an ab wheel bar. And you’ll find the weight plates of 4 x 4.4lb., 4 x 3.3lb and 4 x 2.75lb. and the other items listed in the 44lb. set. They are both 3-in-1 home fitness dumbbells that turn into a barbell with or without curl for performing a variety of weights exercises. And you have the ab wheel bar for your ab workouts on the floor.

With the two nuts fixed with the many bump slots on them that fit tightly when you tighten them, the risk of the weight plates falling off the rod is prevented. You will get an additional set of anti-slip nuts. You can do a variety of upper and lower body exercises that target your shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest, back, different leg muscles and abs. You’ll feel quite a bit of an intensity with the weights on the dumbbells and barbell and the number of repetitions, as you hold them at different angles during your different exercises. They are made of environmentally friendly Polyethylene (PE) material and are filled with a fine iron powder and cement mixture. And your floors are protected from potential damage and wear. PIN JIAN Adjustable Weight Dumbbells Barbel Set

It is nice to have a variety of weights at hand, ranging from 2.75″ on a dumbbell to 44lb. on the barbell. The bars have the anti-slip grip for your comfort and safety. It is a good quality, versatile and functional dumbbells barbell set that is easy to assemble and disassemble and will help improve your home gym. It is nice to be able to increase and decrease the weights gradually as you get stronger. You’ll get a user manual for the type of exercises you can perform with this set and you can check out the videos on Youtube.

If other people in the house will use them it is good to be able to adjust the weights quickly, depending on how much they can lift. It would work well for those that can’t get to the gym or during their breaks from the gym. We think that the design is quite nice and how it offers you a great deal of flexibility even with the curl or straight rods. Everything seems to work well and we’re happy to recommend this product at a decent price at Pin Jian is a good fitness brand with good quality products for use in home gyms. If the dumbbells barbell set you receive does not meet your expectations please contact their customer service team for help.

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