Pinty Crazy Fit 1000W Whole Body Vibration Platform Exercise Machine Review

Pinty Crazy Fit 1000W Vibration Platform via Amazon

Crazy Fit 1000W Whole Body Vibration Platform

Anti-static and durable silver Crazy Fit 1000W Vibration Platform is for your whole body- upper, core and lower body and can be used as a lazy or passive full body exercise machine to help burn fat and calories, improve blood circulation, relax muscles after a long day at work, increase muscle strength, help release back pain, coordination and balance or for therapy reasons. It offers you a great professional massage with the side to side vibrations that you will feel throughout your body in the comfort of your home. We’ve reviewed the 2000 watt model previously and that was quite powerful for those that want quite a bit more challenge and this one also has a powerful 1.5 horse power motor yet still manages to run silently as it is a silent drive motor. You don’t have an MP3 player on this model and the speed range is between 1 and 99 as compared to the 1 to 180 on the larger model that is also about 50% more expensive at the time of this review. It even includes sensors to track your Body Mass Index- BMI through the sensors on handles to indicate your BMI and you also have the speed and time displayed on the LCD panel at the front.

Pinty 1000W Whole Body Vibration Platform

In the box you will find the main Crazy Fit 1000W Vibration Platform, a power cord, an assembly tool kit along with an instructions manual which make it quite easy to assemble and two resistance bands to help you work on your different body parts in different positions. So it has a 1.5 HP motor with 1000 watts of power that needs 110 Volts of voltage to operate, ±5MM amplitude and 50-60H frequency. It is quite a durable heavy duty unit that is made of metal and ABS plastic, weighs 77 pounds and can carry a user weight of a maximum of 330 pounds so it covers most adults, even those that are quite overweight, measures 48 x 28 x 30 inches with a vibration plate size of 21 x 15 inches. It helps maintain the natural reflex contractions of the muscles to recover the motor function usually lost with a very sedentary lifestyle. It is quite easy to set up and will be easier if you have another person to help you out, but is quite heavy and bulky to handle and not so easy to lift on your own and also very easy to operate once you’re done with assembly and it is something you can use every day for losing weight or other therapy reasons.

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