Pinty Folding Adjustable Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike Review

Pinty Folding Adjustable Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike

Pinty Folding Adjustable Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike

The new release brand new Pinty Vertical Magnetic Fitness Bike has an adjustable and foldable design for indoor- home or office use (but not commercial or gym use) for a total overall cardiovascular body workout- lose weight, burn fat and improve your fitness level. It looks nice in white and red, weighs just over 40 pounds so it is not really heavy, is made of solid steel (has a strong steel frame) and can have a maximum user weight of up to 220 pounds and should last you a while if you don’t treat it too rough, is completely foldable to be easily relocated within your house or office to be easily stored. It has the usual useful indicators on the integrated LED multifunction display to help you track your workout program and progress with the important data: Timer, riding speed, calories burned, distance traveled, scan to show each of these four indicators briefly, ODOmeter that shows the total distance traveled on this bike since taken out of the box and pulse rate visa the pulse sensors on handles. Pinty Magnetic Exercise Bike is easy to assemble and use, offers a low impact workout that will not be hard on your knees or joints.

Pinty Folding Adjustable Upright Magnetic Fitness Bike

It is ideal for those that don’t want to leave their homes or offices to work out and despite being a low cost budget bike it comes with a tension dial that lets you select from 8 levels of magnetic resistance. We recommend that you start slow if you’re new to this type of exercise and build up at your own pace and it often helps to vary the resistance levels within the same workout by seeing how much you can handle without pushing too hard but it is probably not possible to push too hard with the not so high resistance levels on this bike. Seat is adjustable to six different heights to accommodate very short and tall people, is larger than average for similar models and nicely padded and comfortable but we’re not sure how it would be on long exercises, has a small foam backrest that is also comfy and foam handlebars on both sides. There is no tablet or bottle holder on this model as it is pretty basic in design and features but practical and if you get bored after a while, you can always listen to music or watch TV when you’re pedalling. It is not amazing, is just a simple foldable adjustable bike without the extra bells and whistles but does the job and you can certainly have a look if you don’t want to spend too much on a fitness equipment.

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