Platinum Jackrack Pro Home Gym Fitness Equipment Review

Jackrack Pro Platinum Home Gym via Amazon

JACKRACK Pro Home Gym Fitness Equipment

Jackrack Pro Home Gym (Platinum Jackrack) uses body weight resistance with turn and burn technology to work on both your upper body, core and lower body with more than 150 different exercises. You will be burning fat and build muscles or simply stay lean and toned by just dedicating as low as 10 minutes a day, if you have a very busy schedule with work and family commitments. The base of Jackrack Pro weighs 45 pounds as it has a solid steel construction and can carry a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. The width of the main unit is adjustable to accommodate people of different body types, floor pads are adjustable to the evenness level of floors. The comfy and stable foam rubber hand grips transform to dumbbells if you add weight plates of 5 pounds each and a total of 11 x 5 lbs = 55 lbs on both sides and the bar is also foam padded with vinyl cover and has a diameter of 8 inches. It is easy to store when you’re done for the day as it has a convenient foldable design and with the transport wheels it is quite mobile and can be carried around.

JACKRACK Pro Platinum Home Gym Fitness Equipment

With the fast release pin and folded speed clips- rapid transition you can change to roller bar immediately to do your crunches and more. If you used units like Total Gym and Bowflex you will see that Jackrack Pro is superior in terms of sturdy build quality with heavy duty stainless steel, smaller footprint (occupies little space so you can keep it in any room of your house), the fun factor (it is so much fun to use), versatility and functionality (you can do pretty much all your different exercises on a single machine- it will probably be a while till you cover all the exercises) and user friendliness. You can stack a lot of weight on both sides of dumbbell and barbell easily as they stack on very quickly and easily. Platinum Jackrack includes the steel base, a barbell, two hand grips, a barbell, four weight plates and 4 DVD’s that show you in detail the great variety of exercises (and you can actually do all of the exercises advertised) and a nutrition plan. We recommend the new improved Platinum Jackrack Pro especially if you have a very busy schedule and can not dedicate a lot of time to working out in a gym and you certainly can achieve a lot if you follow the instructions on the DVDs.

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