PLENY Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike with 16 Level Resistance Review

PLENY Foldable Magnetic Exercise Bike 

pleny foldable magnetic exercise bike

Recent release Pleny Upright Stationary Exercise Bike is suitable for use- cardiovascular exercise at home or in the office environment. It runs smoothly and quietly and you feel safe on its heavy duty steel construction. So you can simply concentrate on your exercise session without being disturbed.

It is offered in two colors with different levels of magnetic resistance, with the black model having double the amount of resistance of the pink model. They are both low cost and entry level and the price difference between the two is minimal at the time of this review.

The black Pleny Exercise Bike has 16 levels of magnetic resistance and the pink has 8 levels, so if you want more challenge you’re better off paying a little bit extra for the black model. The rest of the features are exactly the same. They both include the hand pulse on the comfy handle that is connected to the easy to read LCD display panel that shows the heart rate as well as other indicators.

These include the distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised and current speed. And It will help you monitor your personal progress. The “S” arc design makes it easy for senior adults to mount and dismount the bike. It is lightweight (shipping weight of 38 pounds) and compact, has a conveniently foldable design (folds to half the size) and includes the built-in transport wheels for you to move it around easily once you’re done exercising, no matter how strong or weak, tall or short you may be.

pleny foldable magnetic bike

Whether you’re a beginner, or at an intermediate or advanced level, you can make use of the 16 levels of resistance from easy to very challenging. The large and comfy padded seat will ensure you stay comfortably on the bike longer. The seat can be adjusted easily for people of different heights- very tall (6’3″) and short (5’3″).

The pedals are textured and anti-slip and the safety strap will keep your feet in place, so you can feel safer when pedaling. There is even an additional very strong bolt on the pedals so they will not loosen. You can actually pedal in both directions- forward and backward smoothly to target slightly different leg muscles.

This is a heavy duty product with a solid steel frame and the user weight is specified as 260 pounds, but the real capacity is as much as 300 pounds. There is the high-end curved crank arm that will prevent your heel hitting the crankset. Despite having a simplistic design and a budget price tag it is a very solid and sturdy product that should last frequent and serious use at different levels of intensity.

The Pleny Exercise Bike is shipped unassembled like any fitness product but you will get the center body in one part and you need to install the seat, the pedals, two feet and the LCD display computer. It is easy to get on and off it (“S” arc design) and offers quite an effective and comfy workout. But if you want the extra bells and whistles, more features or simply better build quality, then you may be better off with bikes that cost more. You will be presented options through the links on this page.

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