PopSport Folding Slim Smart Digital Treadmill with Desk Review

PopSport Folding Smart Treadmill with Desk

Popsport Smart Treadmill Folding Digital with Desk

Popsport Smart Treadmill is a folding and portable slim electric fitness walking and jogging pad with a digital LCD control panel, that is offered in different forms, with and without the desk and with or without the handle, at slightly different prices. It is suitable for both office and home (office) use with the built-in desk or handle, whichever you prefer.

PopSport Treadmill has an average rating of 5 stars by only two customers at the time of this product review, being a very recent release product. You can choose to get the red or silver color with desk or handle and the price differences are not significant. There is a digital LCD display panel just in front of the walking belt and it shows the standard stats of distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, steps taken and the current speed on the belt.

Because of the location of the display on the belt, you have the on-board control and will also get a remote control included in the box. It is very easy to operate and you don’t have to worry too much about the installation and operation of the panel and the treadmill itself. Despite being a compact, foldable and portable treadmill the wide walking belt has enough shock and impact absorption to prevent any burden on your joints or knees. The walking belt is 14 inches wide which is good enough for a compact unit that measures 21 x inches.

You can walk or jog between the speeds of 0.8 and 6kph and the total user weight capacity is 220 pounds or 100kg. The diamond stripes belt has the several soft layers and you shouldn’t worry about the comfort or impact absorption. PopSport Treadmill is sturdy, reliable and durable, has the Q-235 steel frame and solid ABS plastic is used around the frame and walking belt. It can be used with the standing desks and cubicles conveniently and your desk will be transformed to a walking desk. The desk it comes with is adjustable for height between 27 and 53 inches and has the swivel casters with lock.

Popsport Smart Treadmill Folding Digital with Desk LCD Display

You can put your coffee, laptop, tablet, phone and whatever you need for work- it measures 51H x 19W x 31.5L inches. There is no need for assembly with this smart treadmill and you can remove it from the box and start using, walking and jogging straight away. And you can relocate it easily for storage on its two silent wheels. With the smart chip and the efficient 350-watt brushless motor with a long serve life it runs quietly while using up very little energy.

Premium materials are used on this treadmill and is very sturdy and durable. This compact, budget-friendly treadmill is designed for basic exercise while working on your tasks, from walking to light jogging at up to 3.7 mph speed. And the belt width should be more than adequate. If you won’t get the desk or the handle and if you think balance may be an issue, then you can always put something to hold onto on the sides in case of losing your balance. It is not a very cheap treadmill but the price still seems fair, considering how much the similar models cost, with the special functionality that comes with being used with a desk, a very sturdy construction with the premium materials used all over, a large smart control panel and the impact absorption of the walking belt with a few layers.

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