Power Fit Compact Vibration Platform Review

Power Fit (Compact) Platform via Amazon

Power Fit Compact Vibration Platform

If you want to lose weight and if you’re lazy and don’t like going through rigorous workouts at a gym, jog or run outdoors a few days a week then you may want to give the Power Fit Compact a try for a fast and effective workout, for fitness and rehabilitation as it is claimed to give you maximum results with maximum power and acceleration and the further you stand from the center the more power you will get. It has a 200 watt power motor and needs 110-120V (50/60Hz) of voltage to function. It uses oscillating movement rather than linear and the power levels can be set between 1 to 99 (one of the largest range of power level settings on the market) and you’ll find the detailed explanation of these in the User Guide provided. It includes a wireless remote so you can start and stop and change settings and power levels when standing on this high power and performance platform that can be compared to that of full size platforms. You can sit on it, stay in the push-up position and work your chest, legs, thighs, calves, arms and abdominals- core. Shipping weight is just under 30 pounds, is compact and practical which is especially good for smaller apartments or homes but can carry a maximum weight of around 265 pounds (120kg).

Power Fit Compact Vibration Platform

Powerfit Compact is durable and built to last quite a while, has wheels so you can move it for easy storage, and this is a stable feeling platform with four non-slip feet at every corner. It is designed to engage each muscle in your body and with multi-dimensional movements it will cause as many as 50 involuntary muscle contractions per second (quick vibrations and a lot more muscle contraction) for increasing your energy, making you more alive by reducing fatigue, reducing stress, giving you more flexibility and enhancing balance. These vibrations help increase bone density (fight osteoporosis) and muscle mass, enhance blood circulation, burn calories and body fat, tone and strengthen your muscles and your body in a shorter amount of time. You will feel it and see the results without putting any pressure on your joints and you will feel tighter and firmer in the right parts, by just dedicating 10 minutes a day and you can use the resistance bungees with handles provided for a workout with even greater results. Putting your feet in the center will give you the same impact as walking, a little wider for jogging and spread your legs for running stimulation- less impact to your joints and without sweating like hell and it will be engaging your whole body, burning more calories than any other regular cardiovascular exercise.

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