PRIMEJOY Lat Pull Down Tower with Pulley Stations & Low Row Cable Review

PRIMEJOY Lat Pull Down Tower with Pulley Stations

PRIMEJOY Lat Pull Down Machine Tower

PRIMEJOY Lat Pull Down Tower is a plate loaded machine with the low and high pulley stations and low row cable for use in the comfort of your home gym. It is quite safe and stable even during intense sessions, with a very solid base and a 2” x 2” heavy duty steel frame. And the total maximum weight its can carry is 700 pounds. 

The very smooth pulley and cable system offer fluent operation and the different sized spring clips on the weight sleeves ensure the weight plates’ stability. The 2-inch thick PU leather seat pad is comfortable especially during your longer sessions. And your floors are protected by the anti-slip polypropylene foot cover and the better seat edge banding. The thigh foam pad rollers can be adjusted for height between 21.3 and 24.4 inches for locking you in place during your intense sessions and also increasing the motion range. 

This versatile multifunctional home gym equipment can help you strengthen and tone your different muscles. The 42.5” wide grip lat bar and low bar let you do a variety of exercises to target different parts of your body, including the cable curls, tricep pushdowns, upright rows, seated rows and lat pulldowns. Please note that it is designed for beginner users in home gyms rather than the advanced trainers. And they can use this lat pull down tower with the standard weight plates which are not included in the package. The weights glide up and down smoothly and you have a great lat pull down experience with the very smooth lat pulley blocks. 

PRIMEJOY Lat Pull Down Tower weighs 65 pounds and measures 52.4L x 42.5W x 77.2H inches and the seat is 11.8L x 9.8W x 1.8H inches. Please refer to the product page for the other measurements. You’ll get a pulldown and row machine and an adjustable knee bar. It is designed for long term use with its robust construction and 700-pound total weight capacity. The different sized spring clips ensure the firmness of weight plates. The assembly is not hard if you have otherPRIMEJOY Lat Pull Down Machine people helping you and if you follow the instructions carefully. It is important that you put the machine on a flat surface for safety and stability and tighten each screw.

You can contact the customer service team if you have any problems or questions about this product and they will respond to your query within 24 hours. You’ll get them shipped to your address within the specified time frame from a warehouse within the US. Please let the customer service know if any missing parts or damage during the transport. It first became available at on November 11, 2021 and is currently ranked the 61st best selling home gym system. You can’t have very high expectations and for the low price point its is a decent lat pull down machine and seems to offer good value for the dollar.       

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