ProForm Hybrid Trainer PFEL03815- Recumbent Bike and Elliptical Review

ProForm Hybrid Trainer PFEL03815 via Amazon

ProForm Hybrid Trainer PFEL03815

ProForm Hybrid Trainer PFEL03815K is a modern, great quality and versatile hybrid trainer with a convenient 2 in 1 design that can be changed between recumbent bike and elliptical with a generous 15 inch stride and 16 different resistance levels. You will be involving your upper body, core and lower body for overall toning with the elliptical trainer or you can use the recumbent bike for a cardiovascular workout and 16 pre-set workout programs will add variety to your workout program and will help you achieve your goals. With the soft grip handles you can work your upper body comfortably and it goes from elliptical to bike mode very easily by simply lifting the pedals, putting them back into their place and sitting down for riding the recumbent bike. You will have a very quiet workout thanks to the friction-free and smooth “Silent Magnetic Resistance”- SMR so you can listen to music or watch a show on TV to get your mind off the training and go for longer with the outside distraction, you can even plug in your MP3 player or iPod to the unit. It comes with a large LCD display and you have the option to choose from 16 digital resistance levels so you can go from beginner to advanced gradually. Other features include comprehensive fitness tracking, inertia-enhanced flywheel, target pacer, EKG grip pulse so you will see the accurate pulse rate on the panel through the sensors and includes a tablet holder.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer has very large adjustable cushion pedals and the build quality is very good with solid stainless steel frame and great quality components just like the other ProForm units. It has a nice appearance and fairly compact design and transportation wheels so you can put it away and being a very stable unit with solid build quality it can carry users with a weight of 350 pounds. iFit smart fitness technology lets you choose a route as it had Google Maps built in so it will give you the feeling of working out different parts of the world every day and you can view and practice the workout programs by Heidi and Chris Powell along with other well known trainers. The LCD panel displays the watts with the integrated power meter so you can see the power readout on display and you can go slower or faster as you wish. As a small con we are not aware of any cooling fans and not proper entertainment options apart form the MP3 port with iPod compatibility and two speakers and if you consider what you get with iFit as entertainment and with the adjustable panel you can view everything clearly even if you are very tall or very short and overall it is a great solid hybrid equipment that is pretty rich in features.It comes with a 90 day parts and labor warranty and 5 long years on the frame as an indication of a very good brand. ProForm is one of the best known brands in the fitness equipment industry with hundreds of patents on technologies exclusive to the brand.

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