PYHIGH 48lb. Flywheel Belt Drive Stationary Indoor Bike Review

PYHIGH S7 48lb. Flywheel Belt Drive Stationary Indoor Bike

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike-48lbs Flywheel

Black PYHIGH S7 Stationary Indoor Cycling Bike is a belt driven model with a large 48-pound bidirectional flywheel and a modern LCD display panel for a great cardiovascular or aerobic workout in the comfort of your home. It is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by 8 customers at the time of this page release.

You’ll experience more momentum and smooth riding experience and a more challenging workout with the solid 48 lb. bidirectional flywheel. On the LCD display panel you’ll see your calories burned, distance traveled, time exercised, rpm and pulse rate via the sensors on the handles. And there is a tablet holder just below the display for you to put your smartphone or iPad/Android tablet or book to keep you entertained or distracted during your workout session. So you will not be as bored and will be likely to exercise longer.

The large saddle with good air permeability and heat dissipation is adjustable horizontally and vertically- the distance from the handles and for height to accommodate taller or shorter adults. The handles are also adjustable two-ways, are anti-slip and nicely padded for your comfort. There is a red and black tension knob in the middle to adjust the level of difficulty and challenge by a simple twist before or during your cycling session. And it can also be used as an emergency stop knob- brake by simply pressing it down.

It has the standard 9/16 thread size non-slip aluminum alloy pedals with the adjustable toe cages and straps for you to feel safer during your exercise. This is not a foldable bike but can be rolled easily on its front foot tube wheels. The large and balanced 48-pound flywheel is 2mm thick with the main frame tube of 40 x 100mm for you to feel more stable and comfortable than smaller flywheels. No matter how fast you cycle and at what resistance level there won’t be any out of control movements.

It will prove durable with its sturdy leather transmission belt, TPI bearing and heavy duty crank. When you press the emergency stop knob you won’t hear anything loud or feel unbalanced. It comes with four foot supports for horizontal adjustment to adjust the bike on uneven floors. The inseam height is adjustable between 27 and 38 inches. The reliable belt drive and the large 48 lb. balanced flywheel ensure stability. PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike-48lbs Flywheel FeaturesThe Pyhigh S7 Bike measures 42.52 x 22.05 x 44.1 inches as assembled, weighs 79 pounds and the maximum user weight it can carry is around 330 pounds.

To make the resistance knob functional you need to turn it to the left first to loosen it as it was tightened during the packing. You can turn the knob to the right to increase the resistance and to the left to decrease the resistance. The pedals on the bike can be used both forward and backward and in sitting and standing positions. It is super easy to assemble within twenty minutes or so with only very few pieces to put together.

Please note that there is no water bottle holder on this bike and you can fix it with a simple clip on one to put on the main frame. There isn’t magnetic resistance on this bike but friction pad resistance. So you can hear a little sound at higher levels of resistance. And the pad will need to be replaced later on. But considering all that you’re getting in terms of build construction and features at the current low price level, that shouldn’t be a big problem for most people. You’ll get a warranty of 12 months by the manufacturer. You can email the seller on if you encounter any problems during the shipping or afterwards.

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