PYHIGH S2 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Spin Bike, 35 lb. Flywheel Review

PYHIGH S2 Belt Drive Indoor Bike

PYHIGH S2 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Black PYHIGH S2 is an indoor stationary exercise spin bike with a belt drive, 35 lb. decent size balanced bidirectional flywheel, a small LCD display panel for a cardio workout in the comfort of your home. It is Amazon’s Choice for “indoor cycling bike”- currently one of the best sellers at

The PyHigh S2 has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 210 customers, most of whom are happy and positive about the product. It has a heavy duty crank, a reliable and smooth PK belt drive and the large 35-pound flywheel offers good amount of momentum for a smooth and challenging workout. The maximum total user weight capacity is 280 pounds on the S2 model, which should cover a good percentage of adults. And people up to 6’1” tall can use it comfortably.

The basic LCD monitor has a single white button for the standard common indicators of distance traveled, current speed, calories burned, time exercised and Odometer, which is the total distance since the first set-up and use of the bike. There is no pulse rate reader or sensors on the S2 model, unlike the Pyhigh S7 we reviewed late last year. You can put your smart device- smartphone, tablet or iPad on the phone holder provided. The LCD display works with two AAA batteries and in case it doesn’t work you’ll get a replacement sent. Customer service is reported to be very good.

The saddle is larger than normal and you can hold the non-slip handles during your session, both of which are adjustable. The seat can be adjusted four ways- forward, back, up and down and the handles up and down only. The inseam height can be adjusted between 25 (min) and 35 inches (max). The large and comfy seat has the air and heat dissipation permeability. You’ll see a tension knob just in the center for you to change the level of difficulty of your workout depending on your mood or what your body can handle during the session. It is always better to change the resistance throughout your workout to enhance the calorie and fat burning.

The bike includes the felt fabric brake pad system that is both smooth and quiet. You can use the same tension dial as the emergency knob when you have to stop the flywheel immediately, in case of an emergency and when you can’t stop by normal means. There are adjustable toe cages and straps on the anti-slip aluminum alloy pedals to prevent your feet from slipping PYHIGH S2 Belt Drive Indoor Bikewhen pedaling, for a much safer workout. If the seat is facing downward you can fix it by using the hex bolt or screws under the seat that you can loosen and tighten. This bike is not foldable but comes with the front foot tube wheels for you to move it easily.

The sturdy transmission belt is made of leather and has the TPI bearing which makes the bike more robust and durable. The 35-pound flywheel is balanced and bidirectional and more stable and has the felt pads for the adjustable tension. You’ll enjoy a fairly smooth ride with this good size flywheel as the heavier the flywheel on a bike the smoother it feels. You have all the assembly tools and instructions in the box and there is also a video on product page. The main part is pre-assembled and you only need to put the seat, handles and the feet on and this shouldn’t take more than half an hour. It weighs 79 pounds and measures 40.2 x 21.7 x 46.1 inches as assembled.

The PyHigh S2 has a very sturdy construction with very wide base and horizontal adjustments for keeping it even on uneven floors. It can be considered a basic spin bike, just like the ones used at gym spin classes. But this one is for home use and not commercial gym use. It is a solid and stable bike that runs smoothly without any rattling, wobbling or squeaking noise. And for the price level the 35 lb. flywheel is bigger than what is available on competitor models. You’re getting very good value for the dollar, in terms of build quality, adjustability, features and the customer support. There are better bikes with more features on the market, but definitely not at this price. A couple of customers had a problem with the pedal falling off and was because of the wrong assembly. Please contact their customer help team in case of such problems. You’ll get a warranty of one year (or twelve months) by the manufacturer. They have a helpful customer support that can help your 24 hours a day.

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