Rainbow elk Classic Foldable Wood Water Rowing Machine Rower Review

Rainbow elk Classic Foldable Wood Water Rower

Rainbow elk Foldable Wood Water Rower

Rainbow elk Wood Water Rower is a classic, foldable home fitness exercise equipment with an LCD-backlit display, Bluetooth monitor and a soft ergonomic seat. It first became available at Amazon.com on August 2, 2021 and has an average customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars by two users at the time of this review.

It is currently ranked as the 95th best seller among the rowing machines at Amazon.com. You have the two color options of black gold and black walnut with the same price tag at the moment. The resistance mechanism works with water, magnetic and air. This simulated rowing machine gets up to 84% of the muscles in your body involved, including your lower back, chest, legs, upper limbs and back. It should help burn calories and fat quickly without causing any tendon damage as part of a low impact workout.

This double track rowing machine is built robust and durable and feels more stable than the single track rowers. You can do your chest expansion workout and get the other muscles involved with a variety of patterns. It is suitable for use by the different people in your house. With its conveniently 180-degree easily foldable design with the buttons and the transport wheels underneath, you can relocate it by just lifting it on one end and get it out of the way, to be stored in a closet or against a wall. And you can save on storage space in your house.

The large multifunctional LCD-backlit Bluetooth monitor shows you all the necessary workout data, including the time exercised, calories burned, distance trabeled, strokes, spm and pulse rate through sensors on the handlebar. You can use this rowing machine with the Synteam Sport application on your smartphone by connecting the two via Bluetooth. You can fill it with water by using the electric pump provided and can also be drained easily by using theRainbow elk Foldable Wood Water Rower Rowing Machine same pump. The leg straps at the front are adjustable to the tightness you want, to keep your feet comfortable.

The water tank on this rower is transparent polycarbonate that is aviation grade and offers many long years of use with its sturdy construction. There are three large blades in the tank that generate decent amount of resistance thanks to their surface area. The resistance level is adjusted by changing the level of water in the tank. It is easy to put the pieces together by using the instructions and the tools included in the box and use almost straight out of the box as it is shipped mostly assembled (80%). It is a great quality, high end water rower that works smoothly and quietly except for the whooshing water sound and will give you a great whole body workout in the comfort of your home.

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