Red Goplus Adjustable Indoor Exercise Bike with 18 lb. Flywheel Review

Goplus Indoor Bike with 18 lb. Flywheel

Goplus Adjustable Exercise Bike with 18 lb Flywheel

Here is a hot new release indoor exercise bike by Goplus that is sturdy with an impressive total weight capacity of 440 pounds and an 18 lb flywheel that ensures smooth and quiet riding experience.

It is a budget-priced fitness bike with a simple design but is built quite solid and sturdy. The heavy duty steel frame can carry a maximum user weight of 440 lbs and is good for long-term use. Please note that this is still not really recommended for commercial gyms but for home use by you and people in the house for great aerobic- cardiovascular exercise sessions.

The white and black small multi-functional LCD display has a simplistic design but is very easy to read and use. From left to right it shows Scan, Elapsed Time, Speed, Distance, Calories burned, Odometer and Pulse rate. The Scan is for the display of each of the stats one after the other for 9 seconds or so and the screen changes without you having to press the red button.

ODOmeter is basically the distance in km from the first time the bike was assembled and first used by you. Pulse is the accurate heart rate reading via the sensors on both the left and right side of the handle as you can see in the photos. The main advantage of keeping an eye on an accurate display panel is that you will stay motivated during your workout and reach your targets quicker.

Goplus Adjustable Exercise Bike 18 lb Flywheel Cycle

You can easily and effortlessly go from easy to challenging by adjusting the resistance through the red resistance knob right in the middle just below the handles. We recommend that you start at lower and go higher to what you can handle on the day, but it is a good idea to vary the resistance- higher and lower as you go along. This way you will be able to burn more calories and fat.

The red and black GoPlus Bike is made of steel and PU materials, weighs 54 pounds and measures 44 x 18 x 44 inches as assembled. You’ll find a water bottle holder in the middle of the tension knob and the seat. And a red water bottle is included in the box so you’ll quench your thirst without having to pause your exercise session. The seat is adjustable between 31.5 and 36 inches of height for your comfort and the handle is also adjustable for height.

GoPlus Bike looks stylish and beautiful, has a robust and durable construction for long-term use, works well- smoothly and quietly thanks to the efficient 16 lb, flywheel, offers a good degree of challenge when you need it and has an attractive price tag for those on a budget but want to exercise in the comfort of their homes. You can stop it immediately in case of an emergency by pushing down the resistance knob in the middle. Overall this is a great value bike we do not hesitate to recommend.

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