Reebok Pro Flat Training Bench FM-RE723W Review

Reebok Pro Flat Training Bench FM-RE723W via Amazon

Reebok Pro Flat Training Bench FM-RE723W

Reebok Pro FM-RE723W is a sturdy, solid and comfortable flat training bench with a steel construction, very dense and extra thick pad / foam cushioning and easy to wipe and clean surface. It weighs 45 pounds, is 17 inches off the ground and with anti-slip feet it feels more stable when you are working out on its 10 x 47.5 inch back support and you won’t be experiencing as much back arch which may lead to back problems. It can be maneuvered, wheeled away and stored easily with the front red easy grip handle and the integrated transportation wheels. There are a variety of exercises and ways you can use it for, whether you will be lifting dumbbells, barbells or will be using your body weight. You will need to do some simple assembly when you get it shipped to your address but this should not be a major drama at all, also with the instructions provided. The total weight capacity is specified as 300 pounds including the user weight unlike the 500 pounds on the FM-RE804DX model in flat position (and 400 pounds in incline position) and is still suitable for beginners to advanced with different weights and intensity.

Reebok Pro Flat Training Bench

And you will have a pretty solid foundation underneath you when you’re lifting weights. You’ll find that how firm the foam cushioning is will feel good on your upper back when you tighten it and start lifting dumbbells and the unit feels quite stable with no wobbling despite being a bench for home gym with a 300 pound suggested weight capacity. Functionality, build quality, decent strength to weight ratio, the brand name and the company behind it with good customer support make this flat training bench very decent value. As long as you are not too rough on it you can use it regularly- a few times a week or every day and should last you for quite some time as a fixed and solid bench you can have at home to use on the days you can’t get to gym or as part of your home gym if you only work out at home. With a 300 pound suggested weight capacity we can’t quite say it is built like a tank but it should cover what most people would need from a flat bench and it really can carry a lot more than 300 pounds, this is a very well built and robust flat bench. It is shipped well-packaged and often pretty quickly via Amazon.

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