Regrosecity 3.5HP Smart Electric Foldable Treadmill Review

Regrosecity 3.5HP Smart Foldable Treadmill 

Regrosecity Smart Indoor Home Treadmill

Regrosecity 3.5HP is a smart indoor electric treadmill with a foldable design for walking, jogging and running in the comfort of your home or office. It has a beautiful, sleek and modern design and a premium look and feel.

Despite the heavy duty robust construction you’re not recommended to use this Regrosecity Treadmill in the commercial gym settings. But it is perfectly OK to use by different people in your house. You will get it shipped to your address almost assembled and will need to do only a bit of assembly before you start using it.

Regrosecity 3.5HP Smart Treadmill weighs 105.8 pounds and measures 63L x 30.3W x 54.3H inches as assembled and the length and the width stay the same as you fold it and the height goes down to 10.63 inches. Folded dimensions are 63L x 30.3W x 10.63H inches. The walking belt measures 48L x 18.11W inches- is good size for people of different sizes. You can put the treadmill‘s pieces together and also relocate and store it even in tight spaces easily. For moving it from room to room it comes with the built-in transportation wheels underneath.

The jogging belt is resistant to wear and tear and anti-slip for exercising safely. And with a noise reducing multiple layer structure you will not be disturbing the people in your house or in the office. You can also listen to your favorite songs or watch TV shows without getting distracted by the noise. It is often a good idea to use entertainment (music, video) during your exercise session not to get bored and to walk, jog or run longer and burn more calories. The smart module includes the integrated sound and video in the mobile app.

Regrosecity Smart Indoor Treadmill

The smart LCD display panel has the easy and convenient one-touch operation. It lets you track your workout data to achieve your goals quicker. The standard indicators shown on the panel include the calories burned, time exercised, distance traveled, current speed and the pulse rate via the handle sensors. Handles also have the easy access speed Up and Down buttons when you don’t want to reach the control panel. The slope is fixed on this model and not adjustable.

This modern treadmill has the walking belt of multiple layers and includes a complete shockproof system that can carry roughly 330 pounds of user weight. Your knees and joints are better protected and the injuries are prevented during your workout. This is important as running is known to be a higher risk exercise as compared to the low impact ellipticals or recumbent bikes. The reliable and durable long-life DC motor offers decent 1.2HP continuous power and a peak power of 3.5HP. You can jog or run at speeds up to 15kph or approximately 9.32mph. And despite the high power this motor operates quietly. As a popular new release foldable treadmill it seems to be decent value for the dollar and we think it is worth looking into.

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