Rep-FID Adjustable Bench Review

Rep Fitness Adjustable FID Bench via Amazon

Rep FID Adjustable Bench

REP-FID Rep Fitness (Flat, incline, decline) is a heavy duty 1000 pound capacity bench designed for those that want to hit different angles and is suitable for both home and gym use with smith machine, power rack, cage or dumbbells and that allows you to work with heavy weights comfortably without troubles or stability issues. Rep Fitness is a young company that was started in Colorado by two brothers that love fitness three years ago.

REP-FID weighs 85 pounds and measures 54 x 26 x 17.5 inches (which is the correct bench height by the way). It has a steel ladder with 7 positions between -20 and 85 degrees, a comfy and adjustable seat that is adjustable to 4 different positions, a 2.5 inch thick pad covered with very solid textured vinyl cover that is easy to clean and that offers the best of both the support for your body and comfort that you’ll need as you’ll be changing positions to lift weights at various angles. There won’t be any flaking or chipping that you may see on other adjustable benches as this one comes with a bare steel back adjustment ladder. It won’t take you more than a quarter of an hour to set up completely as it comes mostly assembled and you’ll find the instructions and diagram in the box, but you need to tighten those bolts which come assembled or you’ll feel that it won’t be as stable.

Rep Fitness FID Adjustable Bench

And to do it properly: First put the bolts in place and tighten them loosely then go over each one of them and tighten them down. Assembly is very easy and a socket wrench will make it even easier but not compulsory. Rollers are vinyl covered and will keep your legs in place securely when you’re doing anything at the decline position and angle. This is a very solid construction bench that is easy to adjust and comfortable to lift heavy weights on and that is built to last with good quality materials so you’re getting quite good value for money. It is offered with a 1 year warranty on pads and 10 years on frame and you’ll get great customer service before and after your purchase. Judging by the few customer reviews on Amazon and other sites (mostly five star ratings), this sure seems to offer a sound investment if you want something that will last even with very heavy use.

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