Rep Gladiator Olympic Bar – 1500 lb Rated Barbell Review

Rep Gladiator Olympic Bar – 1500 lb Rated Barbell


Rep Gladiator is a high end 1500 pound rated super durable olympic barbell for olympic weightlifting (clean, jerk and snatch), power lifting, back and front squats, press, deadlifts and CrossFit purposes with a premium appearance and price tag and let’s find out if it is worth of this price tag.. First of all it has a thick 25mm diameter (almost an inch) so you can hold it easier, which makes it good for a variety of uses and you will never be able to bend it as it has a 230k tensile strength and a rating of 1500 lbs unlike the less expensive bars that use worse quality steel and just make the bars thicker. Gladiator is resistant to rust and is easier to maintain thanks to the premium and expensive hard chrome coating, rather than the oxide coating used on cheaper bars as they are prone to rusting especially if you live in a humid area. It offers smooth spin thanks to the five needle bearings on each sleeve and you will experience great turn-overs. You’ll find double knurl markings for power and weight lifting and lots of knurl- medium depth knurling during your lifting, but the sort that doesn’t hurt your hands when you’re doing more reps.


Rep Gladiator weighs 20kg and is 86.6 inch long, has a premium appearance, nice looking end caps and a blue collar band to make it easy to be identified as a male bar and we like the name Gladiator. This is not a specialised heavy power weight lifting bar but good for up to intermediate level an if you are quite advanced then you need to look at a different kind of bar. Some of those bars can cost up to 800-1000 dollars so considering, this is quite low in price for what you’re getting, a functional heavy duty bar with a smooth spin, micro-grooved sleeves for plates to stay put, even and consistent knurling, high end and durable coating and should last you quite some time in normal use. Rep Fitness, based in Colorado, is not an importer or a distributor but the designer, creator and manufacturer of very good quality fitness products and to back it up this product comes with five years of warranty against getting bent in normal use (not if you drop it on hard surface, bench etc.) or stuff to do with coating which may affect the way bar works and if sleeves are not spinning anymore and you will be helped by their customer support and company works with great fitness experts.

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