Retanan N/AX 2.5HP High Power Foldable Electric Treadmill Review

Retanan N/AX 2.5HP High Power Treadmill

NAX Under Desk High Power Treadmill

N/AX High Power Treadmill by Retanan is a foldable electric walking, jogging and running machine with a 2.5 horsepower motor, a large LCD-backlit display, 12 preset modes, and adjustable incline function for use at home or in the office thanks to its quiet operation as well.

Retanan High Power Treadmill has a foldable and space saving design, weighs 72.6 pounds, measures 50 x 56.4 x 26 inches and the total user weight capacity is 300 pounds on its high quality alloy steel frame. The materials used are steel for the frame and ABS for the other plastic parts. The folded dimensions are 26 x 20 x 52.4 inches and it comes with the rollers at the base for easy and convenient transportation without damaging your floors.

You may adjust the speed between 0 and 12kph by simply pressing a button or choose one of the 12 preset programs for the goal you wish to achieve and you can control the intensity of your workout. The power source for this treadmill with a 2.5 horsepower motor (AC 110V, 50/60Hz) is corded electric and can be plugged into any regular North American power outlets. The red Emergency Stop button in the middle ensures your safety to stop the treadmill safely when the speed is out of your control and you need to stop immediately.

NAX Under Desk Treadmill

It has the 51.3-inch long and 16-inch wide anti-static and anti-slip composite tread belt of multiple layers to protect your lower back, hip, ankle and knee joints. The LED-backlit monitor shows the distance traveled, current speed, calories burned and current speed to help you keep track of your workout progress. And you have the built-in flat brackets and two cup holders on two sides of this LED display.

This is an ultra quiet model that will not disturb you or people in your house or neighbors even at the higher speeds as it comes with the rubber feet and columns and vacuum motor that effectively reduce noise. It is shipped directly from a warehouse in the US within 3 to 8 days and comes with a 100% warranty that includes refund or exchange. And if you encounter any issues after your purchase or have any questions you can contact the customer service. It first became available at very recently on January 12, 2022 and there aren’t many customer reviews online yet. There are currently 24 treadmill models on offer with different designs and colors on the product page. And you can just pick the one for your needs.

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