RETC Adjustable Multi-Functional 600lb. Capacity Barbell Squat Rack, Dip Stand Review

RETC Adjustable Multi-Functional 600lb. Barbell Rack

RETC Adjustable Multi-Function Barbell Rack Stand

RETC Barbell Rack Stand is an adjustable and multifunctional fitness equipment with a sturdy and durable construction for a maximum total load capacity of 600 pounds. It is a dip stand, barbell free bench press stand and squat rack for use in home gyms, garage gyms, small fitness studios but not really in the commercial gym settings by many users every day.

This number one new release dumbbell rack that first became available on July 1, 2021 and is currently ranked the 17th best seller among the strength training racks. It has an average user rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars by 20 reviewers that purchased and used it. And the negative reviews are mainly by users that do not realise the low price of this equipment and their slightly unrealistic expectations of a much more expensive barbell rack. It has an all steel structure with a 600-pound total maximum load capacity, compact size and a 5.6 feet height, that can be adjusted between 43.5 and 67.5 inches.

RETC Adjustable Barbell Rack comes with both the width and height gear adjustments and the width can be adjusted to five levels and the height to six levels with the two-inch hole spacing on the rack. This way the spotter arms are customised at the optimal height for you to do your squats, shrugs, curls, decline, incline and flat bench presses and more. This compact squat rack measures 19.5W x (27.5 – 45.5)L x (43.5 – 67.5)H inches as assembled. And it has the 8-inch long weight pegs on two sides for storing your weight plates to have easy access when you need them.

It is a multifunctional and versatile resistance training fitness equipment that lets you perform different exercises like the dips, squats, overhead lifts, shoulder presses and bench presses. You can change it between dip station and squat rack conveniently and easily. It is easy enough to assemble with the instructions and the simple tools that you’ll need included in the package. The assembly instructions areRETC Adjustable Multi-Function Barbell Rack not the best and because you can’t fasten the nuts manually, it is best that you use a wrench. And you may email or call the customer support for any queries you may have.

You get what you pay for and you really can’t have the expectations of a barbell rack that costs several times more than this low cost unit. And as a squat rack it would work better for shorter people. If you’re tall please pay attention to the height of the rack, which is about 5’6″ and may be challenging for soem of you. And if you want it to feel more sturdy you can put additional weights at the bottom. Overall it is a functional barbell rack and dip stand that gets the job done, especially for the low price level. Please note that the barbell bench and the barbell that you see on the product photos are not included with your purchase.

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