Rgswaz Adjustable Foldable 650lb. Capacity FID Weight Bench Review

Rgswaz Adjustable FID 650lb. Weight Bench

Rgswaz Adjustable Weight Bench

Rgswaz Adjustable Weight Bench is a whole body foldableFID- Flat, Incline, Decline resistance training equipment with 6 back positions for home gym use. It has a robust and durable steel frame that can carry up to 650 pounds of total user weight. This number one new release bench is currently ranked the second best seller among the adjustable benches at Amazon.com.

Rgswaz Weight Bench weighs 24.7 pounds and measures 55.12 x 15.75 x 43.31 inches. As a fully adjustable bench it has the 6 back positions for targeting different muscles and hitting them at slightly different angles. It can be used in flat, decline and incline positions. Most of it is already assembled and it is folded and shipped in a single piece in the box. You can assemble the rest easily as you only have the foam rollers and the front and back support tube to put together.

This great modern bench is conveniently portable as it can be carried manually and stored away. This solid weight bench is made of high level stainless steel, improved foam padding and great leather surface for your whole body training sessions. With a decent 650-pound total weight capacity you’ll experience great stability without needing to think about your safety. It is a multifunctional, adjustable weight bench for home gym use and can be modes around and stored easily without taking up much space.

Rgswaz Adjustable Weight Bench Home Gym

You can lift weights- dumbbells or barbells and use your body weight to train your chest, back, shoulder, tricep, bicep and core section- abdominals with different exercises on this modern FID bench. It can be adjusted to different angles easily with the movable pins. You may also use the resistance bands for strenghtening and toning muscles and keeping in shape.

The foam padded foot hold helps when you do the sit ups. There is also a nice padding support for the back of your legs, apart from these foam rollers. It has a robust and durable steel frame and very nicely cushioned seat and backrest for your comfort especially during the longer sessions. This solid weight bench is lightweight and portable, yet stable on flat surfaces like concrete with the non-slip adjustable feet. You can work out whenever you want in the comfort of your home, before or after work every day. June 24, 2021 is the date it was first available at Amazon.com and is one of the top sellers in the strength training weight benches category on the website.

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