RHYTHM FUN Folding Under Desk Walking Pad Running Treadmill Review

RHYTHM FUN Folding Under Desk Walking Pad Running Treadmill

RHYTHM FUN Folding Under Desk Walking PadTreadmill

Black and Silver Rhythm Fun Folding Under Desk Walking Pad and Running Treadmill is super slim and compact, has a brand new concise global design, a 2hp powerful DC motor, a wide tread belt and a foldable handrail. You can walk or jog at speeds up to 6kph and run at speeds up to 12kph.

The average customer rating is 5 stars so far but only two reviews and ratings are online because of the recent release date of this product. It is a versatile treadmill that can be used in two ways: First one is the under desk or standing desk treadmill as the handrail folded that lets you walk when you do your daily office work. And the second one is the regular treadmill with the handrail put up and you can jog or run up to 12 kph.

Rhythm Fun Folding Treadmill has a foldable space saving design and compact size. It weighs 97 pounds, is 7inches thick and covers very little area in your office or room in the house, less than 0.3. You have the wheels underneath and you can move the treadmill after folding it easily and put it away in  a convenient spot. You can expect decent walking and running performance from this treadmill with the strong 2HP DC motor with the noise reduction design.

There is also the 7-level soft and wide running belt, silicon structure board and sturdy steel frame that contribute to the quiet operation and the air shock reduction of this unit. You can enjoy your comfortable and quiet exercise session with much less noise and feeling safe and stable. It is suitable for people at different fitness levels and ages. You have a remote controller, Bluetooth speakers and the smart workout app. You can hook up your phone via Bluetooth functionality and play your music through the speaker provided.

The workout stats, including the calories burned, current speed, distance traveled and time exercised, can be viewed on the remote controller and your smartphone. You don’t need to assemble anything and start using it straight away with one-home RHYTHM FUN Folding Under Desk Walking Running Treadmillbutton control. The wide running belt measures 50 x 18 inches, you can walk at speeds between 0.6 and 3.7 mph and run at speeds up to 7.5 mph. It measures 61 x 30 x 43 inches as assembled and 61 x 30 x 8 inches as folded. The maximum user weight capacity is 243 pounds, which should cover a good percentage of adults.

It comes with the convenient smart remote control and workout application. You can download the workout app on Android Google Play or Apple store free of charge. This treadmill has the ISO9001 standard and the CE certification with reliability and quality assurance. There is a smartphone holder at the front for you to listen to music or watch videos when you work out, to go for longer. You will not disturb people sleeping in the other rooms or your neighbors as it runs at low noise levels.

You can also make a workout plan based on time, calories and distance. Please note that there is no incline- automatic or manual on this treadmill which you probably wouldn’t expect from an under desk machine. It is made in China like with most fitness and other products these days and you shouldn’t worry about the quality of this machine as it holds the necessary certifications as well. The speed can be adjusted through the home button or through the remote control. It is offered with a warranty of two years for the motor, one year for the parts and ten years for the main frame. Despite its relatively high price you’re getting great value for the dollar.

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