Right Nutrition for Sculpting Your Abs into a Six Pack

Eating Well to Sculpt Your Abs: Six Pack Nutrition

Salmon for Six Pack
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You may be one of those guys that are not happy with just flat abdominals but want the nicely sculpted six packs instead. Your six packs are in there but because they are covered with a layer of fat they become invisible so when you reduce your daily calorie or energy intake so that your body uses its available reserves. Firstly you need to follow a balanced and healthy diet that is low in calories. You may start with taking all the refined products out of your diet, also saturated fats (but these are no longer known to be the bad fats anymore and you would beware more of the trans fats) and high glycemic index foods, so no more processed foods, ready made meals, cakes or muffins but your focus will be on high protein stuff like fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, the most important thing is the calorie deficit. There are a variety of ab machines you can use and exercises you can do on your own to work on your abs at the beginning or at the end of your daily exercise routine by varying the intensity of the ab exercises and by listening to your body- doing them till you feel the burn, but on this page we are focusing more on the things you should eat and should not eat rather than what exercises you should do.

But it is important to note that you should put great emphasis on cardiovascular exercise as well as the specific ab routines so endurance training and resistance training should both be done regularly and your cardio routine including cycling, running, jogging, swimming and others will help your body burn calories and fat and this will slowly start showing on your abs. You shouldn’t eat three large main meals- breakfast, lunch and dinner but more like six lighter meals that are easy to digest and to be assimilated optimally by your body. What ab exercises do is develop your midsection but not reduce the adipose tissue and to do this you need to consume less calories than your body needs so it gets to use up the fat under your skin, revealing your six packs. So no more bad carbs or fats, no alcohol, no cheese, no fast food, no soft drinks and no processed foods but eat more protein from low fat meats like chicken without skin on and you can even have protein powder and to burn more fat you can even consider using fat burning supplements in the form of gel or capsules, but we always recommend the natural ways. What these fat burners mainly do is to restrict the assimilation of fat and increase the burning and they may even be good for stopping water retention.

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