Rinkmo EB-S1 Indoor Stationary Spin Bike with 36 lb. Flywheel Review

Rinkmo EB-S1 Indoor Stationary Spin Bike 

Rinkmo Indoor Cycling Spin Bike

Rinkmo EB-S1 is a sleek and modern indoor stationary cardio fitness spin bike with a large 36-pound flywheel, adjustable friction resistance and belt drive. The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 3 users at the moment.

You can use it at home, office or wherever you want but not at the commercial gym settings where many people will use the equipment on a daily basis. It has a robust and durable steel frame with a total user weight capacity of roughly 330 pounds, or 150kg. It has a decent LCD-backlit display with the usual workout indicators as well as the heart rate monitor through the handle sensors. It will motivate and activate up to 85% of your major muscles, burn calories and fat, improve your heart rate, reshape, strengthen and tone muscles.

It weighs 68.3 pounds, has a very thick steel frame and multi-triangular structure for carrying a user weight of up to 330 pounds and you will feel safe and stable. People between the heights of 4’11” and 6’3″ can use it comfortably. You can adjust the seat 4-ways (up and down, forward and back) and the handle 2-ways (up and down) like you do on other bikes. With the help of a large 36- pound flywheel you’ll get a bit of a real road bike feeling. 68.3 pounds of weight is not easy to lift and the bike is not foldable but can be moved around easily on the transportation wheels.

Rinkmo Indoor Spin Bike

The LCD display panel shows the distance traveled, calories burned, time exercised, current speed, ODOmeter and pulse rate. By tracking your fitness data you will stay motivated to achieve your goals faster. There is a good size tablet holder/iPad base where you can put your tablet, iPad or smartphone and listen to music or watch videos or use social media etc. when working out. This will help you get distracted by the entertainment and exercise longer and burn more fat as you’ll be pedaling longer.

It works smoothly and quietly with a unique noise reduction technology even when you’re pedaling very hard. And people sleeping in the house or your neighbors will not be disturbed. The resistance knob can be used for adjusting the resistance for unlimited levels of difficulty and you can press it down for emergency brake for safety purposes when you can’t stop by normal means. With the good quality components, a large and heavy flywheel, and a sturdy belt for a great smooth and quiet ride. With a very large saddle and the anti-slip handles with the sweat-absorbing padding you will feel comfortable. And your feet will be kept in place on the textured anti-slip aluminium alloy bearing pedals with the foot straps. This sturdy bike offers a great riding experience and is very much worth the price.

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