Rock Solid RS2000 Whole Body Vibration Machine Review

Rock Solid RS2000 Whole Body Vibration Machine

Rock Solid RS2000 Whole Body Vibration Machine

Rock Solid RS2000 is a solid whole body vibration platform with a modern aerodynamic design, 500 watt power motor, 30 speed options for different vibration levels from easy to very challenging and three different programs to help you lose weight, increase metabolism, reshape your body, decrease recovery time after your gym sessions, enhance flexibility (by muscles heating and tendons flexing), tone and strengthen your muscles, increase balance and coordination, increase your bone density and fight osteoporosis, improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, reduce joint and back pain, decrease cellulite, relax the body and make it more supple and increase your energy levels by working it up and down and inside and out. As a portable vibration platform it can be used at home or office comfortably, has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds and measures 22 x 17 x 9 so the platform is bigger than what you’re seeing on photos. Blood will be pumped into tiny capillaries from your muscles at a speed of as much as 50 times per second and this way waste will be out of your body much quicker while the cells in your body get the energy / fuel it needs and by this improved blood circulation you will have a better immune system. As all the receptors in your body are stimulated simultaneously you will experience enhanced muscle coordination and you will feel balanced overall. You will feel more relaxed, will be less likely to suffer from insomnia, have a general sense of well-being and be in a better mood.

Rock Solid RS2000 Whole Body Vibration Platform

Of course these are not only the claims by the manufacturer(s) of vibration platforms but also by many customers that have actually owned them and used them regularly. Rock Solid RS2000 works quietly even at the highest speeds, feels very strong and the platform is quite wide so not as compact as how it looks on the photos. It is recommended that you use it for ten minutes, three times a week and you will be able to start seeing some results on your body and the way you feel. For fitness you will achieve the best results if you use this unit as an addition to your exercise program as part of your fitness plan or to help you recover after your workout. Or if you can not do heavy exercise or are just starting out this can be a good way to slowly build up your muscles without much impact of the strenuous workout and you can use it in both sitting and standing positions with the exercise bands provided or lie on floor and put your legs up on the platform to relax your calves etc. Vibration machines have been out for about thirty years since the 80s and were being used mainly by athletes and physiotherapists back then and became available for public use later on so this is not some gimmick. You can do your pushups, lunges, squats, crunches, isometrics and stretching on it and reap many more times benefits than when you just sit or stand on it but we’re not sure if the claim of “10 minutes on a vibration plate is equal to spending an hour at the gym” is hundred percent true. It is offered with a 12 month limited parts and labor warranty by the manufacturer and often very quick shipping via

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