Rolo Balance Board Pro Training Package Review

Rolo Balance Board Pro Training Package via Amazon

Rolo Balance Board Pro Training Package

Rolo Pro is the latest 2015 model balance board made from hard rock maple wood with multi-fulcrum design that gives you more flexibility than previous models or competitors. It is designed for improving your overall core strength and balance and of course as a training tool for snowboarders, surfers, stand up paddle boarders and board riders. It is suitable for anyone that wants to have a lot of fun while training, for newbies and professionals alike and of all ages and comes with two different shaped rollers to offer you two kinds of movement and unrestricted maneuverability. Almost all the customers that own the product seem to comment on the fun factor, which means it is mainly bought for training purposes and enhancing balance and core strength it is also a whole lot of fun to use.

Solid and great construction maple wood deck of the Rolo Balance Board with textured surface is 33 x 12 inches, the shorter and larger roller is 3.5 inches and the original longer roller is 6.5 inches and both are made from super solid hard plastic. You have a variety of colours to choose from- a total of 9 colours on the Amazon product page. Before you start practicing, just make sure you use the board and rollers on a padded surface or carpet. Original short roller is simple to learn and will give you great core workout, you can comfortably do your twists and turns on it, zig zag around the room or in the backyard when rocking nose-to-tail at the same time (rock to your own speed). You may try doing twists and turns without touching the floor: Get a wide posture, bend the knees more than usual while keeping your back straight. Just ensure there is nothing or nobody in your way or near you when you’re performing on your rolo board.

Rolo Balance Board Pro Training Package review

Pro roller which is placed parallel with the rails is more challenging when you first start out but when you master it you may do your snowboard and surf like motions on it. With the pro roller try and rock the board from one rail to another without touching the floor and cross-step. Placing your feet on a staggered position will help you maintain the rocking position of the board, keep your knees bent at 40 percent and your back straight. Then you have the extra large 12” x 22” universal balance cushion with its unique shape and uneven surface to exercise on, can be used under Rolo board deck, surfboard and stand up paddle boards for training techniques. Balance boards that have been on the market for quite a while offers very little movement and flexibility and can help you little, whereas a Rolo Board with the limitless movement options is great for anyone (ordinary people or professional athletes) that wants to improve coordination, balance and core strength.

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