Sagler Power Tower Station with Push Up, Pull Up & Dip Bars Review

Sagler Power Tower Station with Push Up, Pull Up & Dip Bars

Sagler Power Tower - Power Station with Push Up Bars

Sagler Power Tower is an upper body resistance training power station with the pull up bars, push up bars, armrest, dip bar and back cushion. This number one new release was first available on May 12, 2022 and is ranked the 6th best seller among the Strength Training Dip Stands. 

Sagler Power Tower has a solid and durable structure that can carry a 400-pound maximum total weight and an adjustable frame between 58.5 and 89 inches. You can use it for your full upper body training for different upper body exercises including pull-ups, push-ups and vertical leg raises. Adults at different ages and kids can use the dip station comfortably as it can be adjusted for height to 9 levels between 58.5 and 89 inches.

It has a robust and durable construction with a heavy-duty steel frame and a finish for protecting it from the scratches. You can get many years of heavy workout from it. It is a reliable pull-up and push-up station that stands safe, stable, strong and steady with the 36-inch H-shaped base and the suction cups at the bottom for keeping it still and all the screws at connection points are secured very well with the locknuts to secure all points and not loosen. 

The backrest distance can be adjusted between 7 and 9.6 inches for better resting your elbows on the armrests and holding onto the anti-slip grips. You can exercise comfortably with the unnecessary pain avoided. This pull-up, push-up and dip station will support a variety of resistance training exercises and will help you save on space at home.  It can help you strengthen and tone your muscles, keep you in shape if combined with a healthy eating plan, relieve back, neck and shoulder pain and feel better after extended sitting. 

It is compact in size with a small footprint for and easy set-up in your room, garage etc. You probably won’t need more fitness equipment that can crowd your room. With the different handles on this power tower you can target your shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs- core section and legs. You can use the middle handles for the great knee raises and the topSagler Power Tower - Power Station handles for the pull-ups and the bottom handles for doing your push-up exercises easily. And unnecessary strain on your body is reduced with the functions that make your exercise sessions as comfortable as possible. 

The elbow pads are very soft with the durable PU faux leather and the backrest distance adjustability gives your spine an ample support. And accidents are prevented with the non-slip grips on the handles. It is suitable for home gym use, quick and easy to set up, has the great quality parts, looks good and has a minimal, lightweight and compact design. Extra long base prevents the station from tilting and falling. You get what you pay for, it gets the job done and if you don’t have very high expectations you’ll be happy with this fitness product. The package weighs 28.12 kg and measures ‎56 x 29 x 5 inches and is shipped swiftly from a warehouse within the US. 

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