Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine, 100660 Review

Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine

Schwinn Crewmaster Rower

Schwinn Crewmaster (100660) is a late 2017 release modern rowing machine with a solid nylon transmission, a sturdy build and user-friendly features. It is suitable for use by beginners and more advanced users. The level of difficulty will depend on how fast you row, but also the resistance level you set it through the resistance knob.

There is a convenient large LCD display panel that shows you the essential workout stats like the distance traveled, calories burned, time strokes, recovery and pulse rate connected to the sensors. It includes a good size and comfortable padded vinyl seat, big footplates and a comfy handle with an ergonomic design. To clean the seat you simply need to wipe it with a damp cloth.

As a robust heavy-duty fitness rower it weighs 75 pounds with a shipping weight of 110 pounds. The maximum user weight it can have is around 300 pounds and anyone that weighs more than this should look at alternative models on through the links on this page. Because if they go and use it and encounter any problems, such as breaking or damaging the unit, this will void the warranty of the product.

There will be a smooth glide on the large steel rail each time you row and it will feel a lot like the real rowing. With the magnetic resistance you can try and do better, pushing your limits a little more. We recommend that you increase and decrease the Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machinetension level during your workout, as this helps with fat burning. This is a good way  to lose weight and calories, and to strengthen and tone muscles, as well as increasing the blood flow and oxygen in your body.

It helps work your whole body, upper body including arms- triceps, biceps, back, core section- different ab muscles and legs to a certain degree. The calorie loss will be all over you body. It proves to be a flexible option that will deliver results in regular daily use. Please note that this is not a foldable but a compact rower that comes with transport wheels. So you can move it easily by pushing on wheels without too much effort.

Schwinn is a well known brand in the fitness industry with a variety of sturdy and functional products with comfort ergonomics. Men can expect to burn roughly 300 to 500 calories in half an hour and women around 260 to 450. It offers a great low impact workout that involves all the major muscle groups. Rowing at high resistance is more like a strength training exercise where you build and strengthen muscles. And rowing at low intensity at higher speeds is more like a cardiovascular workout.

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