SciFit StepONE Recumbent Stepper Review

SciFit StepONE Recumbent Stepper


StepOne (10-6090) is the newest recumbent stepper by SciFit for a smooth and functional movement and the exercise of the total body. It is a low-impact stepping equipment that offers a neutral position to start so you can enter easily if you have joint and mobility problems and you experience a smooth and linear total body motion. You have the low starting resistance of 6 watts that you can increase as you go along, depending on how much you can handle and very smooth workout at all times consistently. It comes with a total of 20 levels of resistance that you can adjust through the large high-tech touch LCD display with 0.1 increments, which means you have 191 different levels of resistance. StepOne is a heavy duty unit that weighs 275 pounds with a small footprint that is about 5 inches shorter than similar recumbent steppers on the market, comes with transport wheels and handle so you can relocate it easily. You’ll experience natural and smooth movement and patterning thanks to the one to one arm to leg ratio just like when you’re climbing stairs or walking. You can slide off the comfy seat easily for direct wheelchair access, the seat moves forward and backward easily and even rotates so you can get on and off it easily. It also allows you to adjust the arm length and the angle of the handles for your comfort and convenience and a grab bar for support that makes it easier when you’re entering.

StepOne has a truely adjustable step-through design so you can enter and get out very easily, especially if you have knee, hip or any joint issues as the seat becomes the range limiter. You have three seat options of standard, premium and bariatric and you can move the seat back and adjust the handles and the patient can be in the optimal comfortable position for exercising. So you’ll find a variety of adjustment options on this top of the range commercial grade stepper unit, to accommodate any user. You can position the hand grip at a 60-degree range and the arm length from 1 to 12 inches. You’ll find customizable programs on the full-color touch display with readable fonts and a user guide / documentation that will help you out with achieving your goals and the provided indicators like the ascent, watts, stride length and METs will be quite useful for users, patients, and clinicians. It has the very large orthopedic footbeds with foot straps and safety edge so you can have your feet safe during the workout session. You get feedback from Intelli-Stride so you can progress safely and easily as it also lets you save your programs and document functional outcomes. Intelli-Fit not only looks great but also has a lot of science inside that offers tests, programs and training protocols and will shows you all the metrics in .1 increments and you can see your results over time by saving everything on a USB memory stick. StepOne includes an accessory tray, water bottle holder, twin fans, a reading rack, 8V DC power port, a CSAFE port and two USB ports (you can charge your accessories with one of them and save your workout data with the other). It is a very sturdy, durable and reliable product that is backed by a long and comprehensive warranty so you can have a peace of mind.

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