SCOOP Under Desk Lateral Motion Trainer Exerciser Review

SCOOP Under Desk Lateral Motion Trainer

SCOOP Under Desk Lateral Trainer

SCOOP Under Desk Lateral Trainer is a compact, portable and lightweight lateral motion exerciser in the office or home when you’re sitting in the couch or chair. It offers a nice home and office fitness workout for your lower body- legs, knees, hips, lower back and core section- abdominals.

Scoop Under Desk Lateral Trainer is designed to enhance your balance, mobility and strength and will be easy on your joints, easing the pain. You can have your daily workout without leaving your chair at home. It offers a very low impact workout that works your lower body and gives you strong knees. This type of lateral training actually gets your inner and outer thighs working too, improving your pain on your knees or lower back and increasing flexibility.

It will certainly not be like a spin class but will get your legs moving all day long when you’re doing your work at your desk. It will offer you a stronger, healthier and fitter body. Other under desk trainers mostly work the front and rear part of your lower body and you would need to increase the resistance to feel it working. With the Scoop you do not need the resistance to be that high as it uses all your lower body muscles. The emphasis is on the muscles that are normally ignored by the other mini pedallers, bikes or treadmills. It gets your whole lower body and will get your abdominals involved too.

As it also works on your lateral muscles it will help enhance your balance overall and help reduce the risk of injuries or falls. It will be good for those who wish to be more fit and active as they age, as it is also safe with the joint issues or arthritis. It offers a decent low impact workout and improve your knee health. Scoop Under Desk Elliptical weighs less than 20 pounds- it is lightweight, compact and portable. It will fit in smaller spaces easily and can be moved between your house and office easily. The clearance needed under your desk will depend on your leg length and should be around 27 and 30 inches.

SCOOP Under Desk Lateral Trainer Exerciser

You will be able to burn calories and fat, strengthen and tone your muscles. This multidirectional under desk lateral trainer helps change the workout from inner thighs + glutes to outer thighs + glutes. The new Scoop comes with the solid raised up straps just like on some large bikes. It is shipped partially or almost assembled and you can complete the task easily by following the 5 steps and using the tools. Please note that it is designed only for seated use and you can’t use it in a standing position as you may end up breaking the pedals and cause a security issue.

You’ll find the training sessions online, on Facebook “Scoop Fit Live” and there are free live classes you can take and the prerecorded ones. The Scoop is not a motorized electric trainer with a flywheel and works with the power of your legs. So it doesn’t gain momentum like an elliptical trainer or a bike. The patented sideways motion on this lateral equipment trains your muscles without needing resistance. Scoop is not created as an intense workout machine but a training tool to help work on certain muscles. There is a tension knob but it will not add much resistance. You may contact their customer service team if you have a problem with the tension knob or other parts. It first became available at on June 5, 2020 and is ranked 58th among the exercise bikes.

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