Sentuca Foldable Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Glider Machine Review

Sentuca Foldable Air Walk Elliptical Trainer

Sentuca Foldable Air Walk Trainer

Sentuca Foldable Air Walk Trainer is a modern cardio fitness unit that also functions as and elliptical glider machine with a 30-inch stride and a 260-pound maximum user weight capacity on its robust and durable frame.

It has the very dense foam covered handles for a comfortable workout and the anti-slip foot platforms for added stability. You’ll experience a complete range of motion and freedom of movement during your exercise session with the patented double action split suspension. It offers a great whole body cardiovascular workout and you can work on your lower body, core section and upper body. You can walk slowly, jog or run at a higher speed without needing to pause in between.

Sentuca Air Walk Trainer offers a great low impact workout on its large anti-slip foot platforms, without putting any stress or burden on your joints or knees or lower back.It has a total user weight capacity of 264 pounds and measures 42.9 x 28.3 x 52.3 inches. And you can fold it easily to completely flat to be able to store it under your bed, in your closet or in a convenient part of your house. The folded measurements are 12L x 29W x 65H inches. You have two sets of handles to experience a bit of variety and it offers a great total body workout that is both fun and effective.

It has a sturdy steel frame, the foot platforms are made of anti-slip PP plastic and the handlebar is soft EVA cotton. There is even an LCD-backlit display panel that shows the distance traveled, time exercised, calories burned and current speed to help keep you on track and stay motivated to reach your targets faster. The max pedal swing amplitude is 90 degrees. It is a sturdy and durable product that works smoothly and quietly, and offers an effective Sentuca Foldable Air Walk Trainer Ellipticallow-impact workout that will not burden your joints and can be folded easily when you’re done with your session.

In the box you’ll find the elliptical glider machine and a user manual. They are shipped via standard shipping which can take about a week and up to 12 days. The manufacturer has 15 years of history in the industry. The products go through strict inspection and quality control before getting out on the market. They are able to reduce costs and still able to offer very good quality products. If you receive a defective item or experience any problems with the product, please email their customer service and they’ll get back to you with a solution within 24 hours. As a very popular hot new release fitness product it scores 5 out of 5 stars by 5 satisfied customers at the time of this post release.

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