Sentuca Mechanical Folding Manual Treadmill with a 440 lb. Capacity Review

Sentuca Mechanical Folding Manual Treadmill

Sentuca Home 440 lbs Mechanical Folding Manual Treadmill

Sentuca Mechanical Folding Treadmill is a non-electric, manual cardiovascular fitness unit with a 440 lb. (200kg) user weight capacity, an LCD display panel with a tablet stand, large running belt, shock resistance and adjustable height incline.

The average customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars by 4 users, being a very new release product. The flywheel on the treadmill is driven by the inertia of the footsteps. It has a large running belt that measures 100 x 36cm. The armrest is conveniently adjustable to 5 levels and the slope on the tread belt is adjustable to 3 levels. You can adjust them very easily without restrictions.

The large tablet stand at the front that measures 20.77L x 9.76W inches lets you listen to music and watch movies when you’re working out. And you can go for longer with the distraction of music or videos and burn more calories The effective knee pad and the rebound shock absorption on the belt ensure great comfort and security. There will be much less burden on your joints or knees unlike on some of the other treadmills. The workout will feel smooth with the flywheel weight inertia and it feels quite realistic.

There is a silencer damping system that also makes the treadmill run quietly. It has a very dense closed sound insulation that will help decrease the sound significantly. The treadmill is conveniently foldable and measures 115 x 28 x 50cm as folded (weighs 30.8 pounds). It is very easy to put together with the tools and the instructions included as it is shipped mostly assembled. And you can do it on your own without getting any help. This great manual treadmill Sentuca Home 440 lbs Mechanical Manual Treadmillis driven by the force of your feet and you just need a little incline for that. You can certainly use it for walking, jogging or running at higher speeds.

The LCD display- meter can be removed if you want, if you need more space for your tablet or other items. In the box you have the treadmill, a tablet stand (without the tablet), a user manual and an English display panel that runs on battery power. Please note that the batteries are not included in the package. The company that designs and manufactures this treadmill and other Sentuca products have 15 years of experience in the industry. They are able to decrease the costs and put the products through strict inspections and quality control. The treadmills and other fitness equipment are tested, inspected and packaged well before getting shipped.

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