Setting Chilean Pine Wooden Water Rower Rowing Machine Review

Setting Pine Wood Water Rower

Setting Wood Water Rowing Machine

Setting Wood Water Rower is an indoor workout equipment- a decent quality pine wooden rowing machine with water resistance and LCD display for use in the comfort of your home. There aren’t many ratings or reviews so far for this hot new release wood water rower that was first available at on January 12, 2022. 

Chilean pine wood Setting Water Rower weighs 75 pounds without water in the water tank and measures 86 x 23 x 22.5 inches as assembled and the footprint is 23 x 22.5 inches when stored in an upright position. It has a heavy duty construction with a total user weight capacity of 265 pounds. It is made of the genuine Chilean pine from replenish able sources that offers great stability and durability with the very strong fiber to withstand high tensile strength. 

With the resistance of water in the aviation grade polycarbonate water tank it feels like rowing outdoors on a lake or a river. This transparent water tank has the high light transmission, corrosion, high temperature and impact resistance and by absorbing the vibrations and sound it lets you train smoothly and quietly with just the soothing water sound. You can fill the water tank easily by using the manual water pump and you’ll get a water purification bottle to help keep the water clean.

The dual layer polyethylene straps are estimated to handle 5 million stretches and assuming you exercise 45 minutes a day, it will last you 15 years. This great solid rowing machine has an ergonomic design with a folded comfortable seat cushion with the tail recess fitting the tail vertebrae’s position, ergonomic non-slip textured foot pedals with the adjustable belts for different foot sizes and wear-resistant and anti-Setting Wood Water Rowing Machine LCD Displaysweat ergonomic handle. The seat glides smoothly and quietly, imitating the dynamic rowing across and you can have comfortable, long rowing workout sessions. 

The large integrated LCD-backlit digital console shows the distance traveled, time exercised, stokes, watts, pulse rate and scan that shows each of these indicators one by one without you needing to press anything. There is a device holder that is compatible with most smartphones for you to listen to music, watch workout or other videos or do live video calls. It doesn’t have a foldable design, but you can just tilt and roll it out easily on its built-in transportation wheels and even store it in a vertical position. It takes up only 2.5 sq.ft. of storage space.

Setting Wood Water Rower is shipped 80% assembled and you should receive it at your address within 7-8 days. You can put the remaining pieces together with the tools and instructions included in the box. It is offered with a warranty of 12 months and if you have any queries please feel free to contact the seller / customer support. If the product you received has defects or issues it is best that you send them photos of the problem as well. Please note that rowing makes you burn more calories than other exercises in equal time and uses up to 85% of your muscles in your body for a great whole body workout that involves your arms- triceps & biceps, shoulders, abdominals- core section, legs and back at the same time.  It is a great rowing machine that is offered at a decent price and we’re happy to recommend it.

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