Shayin T9028S Folding Portable Treadmill Running Machine

Shayin T9028S Folding Portable Treadmill

Shayin T9028S Folding Treadmill

Shayin T9028S is a foldable and portable, solid and sturdy treadmill- running machine for indoor home or commercial use. As a US stock product, it will be shipped swiftly via

Unlike most fitness equipment that you purchase online or at stores, this one is assembled for you free of charge and folded prior to shipping. So you will only have to put a few screws on. It has a compact size with the assembled measurements of 61.4 x 28 x 47.6 inches and a running belt of 48.4 x 16.9 inches.

It is easy to raise- fold up and lower- unfold the treadmill with the dual pneumatic shocks to help you. It measures 61 x 28 x 10.7 inches as folded. You can simply leave it where it is or roll it away with the transport wheels provided. You have the option to adjust the incline to three different angles through the display panel. So you will experience more challenge, burn more calories and fat, tone and strengthen muscles and enhance your endurance.

There are twelve preset programs or you can adjust the speed manually between 0.5 and 9.2 miles per hour. But you will see the speed in km per hour on the panel. How much speed you can handle will depend on your level of fitness and your energy levels on the day. All of the 12 programs are designed to give you a decent cardio workout, help you lose calories and burn fat, and get in shape faster.

Shayin T9028S folding treadmill display panelYou do need to follow a healthy diet or a nutrition plan to get to your goals faster. The large LCD-backlit console with multiple displays is easy to read and use, so you can keep an eye on your progress. You have the standard indicators of calories, distance, time, speed and heart rate via the sensors on both handles.

It includes a sound system of hi-fi stereo speakers and an MP3 port to keep you entertained when you’re jogging or running. There is a red safety key just below the display panel, along with a red cord that you can attach to your clothes. The machine would stop immediately in case of a fall. And you also have the emergency stop button on the handrail when you can’t get to the console.

It has an efficient shock absorbing system (four springs on each side) for a low impact workout and also includes the shock absorbing wheels at the rear. And with the cushioning on the sides, vibrations and noise are reduced. It is important that you rest the 2 horsepower (110V, 50-60Hz frequency) motor for a quarter of an hour after a maximum of an hour of exercise. This way it can cool, run smoothly at all times and have a longer life. It is easy to maintain and you need to use the environmentally-friendly silicone oil once a month on both sides to lubricate this treadmill.

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