Simple Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Increasing Testosterone Levels Naturally

Lower testosterone levels are linked to heart disease and prostate cancer in a recent university research. So you may want to start with getting your testosterone levels checked and take it from there. Those of you that do not want to take prescription pills like Viagra or Cialis due to their side effects and cost, or go through hormone therapy or injections, you can turn to eating healthy and more of those libido boosting foods every day. Starting with the testosterone levels, as most of us know it is an essential hormone for men that has a big impact on building lean muscles, improving bone strength and density, brain and heart health, improving libido and even increasing the penis size.

Best Ways to Boost Libido and Testosterone

The more fat you have on and around your belly, the lower your testosterone will be, so start moving, exercising and eating healthy to flatten your tummy quickly. You will experience up to 50% increase in your T-levels if you work out- lift weights regularly and lift weights as you strengthen and tone your muscles your body will be producing more testosterone, and doing this even only twice a week will make a difference. Do not fall into the trap of following a low-fat diet assuming that fat is high in calories, which is true in a way but eliminating all the good and bad fats from your diet will reduce your T-levels significantly. According to another sports medicine study, those who ate most fat on a daily basis had the highest T-levels. Good fats along with protein make you full quickly so you eat less and the increased T-levels contribute to building leaner and more toned bodies, so try and focus on things like a variety of nuts and fish, especially the fatty fish that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Keep away from stress as much as you can because the physical and mental stress is proven to decrease T levels as stress increases cortisol levels that stop body’s ability to make testosterone significantly and you may want to do more of cardiovascular workout to release stress a bit, but without overdoing it as this may have a reverse effect on your T levels. And try and limit your daily alcohol consumption to a few glasses a day is equal to a significant amount of decrease in T levels over time. And last but not least, other than the fat and low-fat argument you want to turn to foods that are known to boost T-levels. First one is vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids from fish, low fat milk, cereals and orange juice fortified with vitamin D, egg yolk and get plenty of sunshine, oysters and shellfish for mineral zinc especially if you have zinc deficiencies, lean cuts of beef and white, black and kidney beans for zinc and vitamin D, watermelon for L-citrulline that helps boost testosterone. Please note that Vitamin D is claimed to boost testosterone levels by up to 90%.